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Dane Mcbeth’s rise in the online world of book

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Twenty-two-year-old Dane McBeth began his business career as a ninth-grader. Ever since he has never looked back, and his reputation has grown. Born in 1999 in Vancouver, Canada, Dane grew up in the city, playing hockey and lacrosse. From a young age, Dane showed apparent signs of aptitude as he excelled in high school. Academically, he constantly scored straight As.

Despite this stellar academic record, Dane chose to pursue his own passions and interests instead of attending university. Thanks to his prowess in sports and his fixation on achieving and maintaining physical fitness, Dane started his work life by joining a sports store when he was in the ninth grade. This job lasted for four years while he continued flourishing at high school.

A Deeper Look into Dane’s Career:

As he performed his duties at the sports job, Dane McBeth also kept himself involved with various burgeoning avenues of online business. His first endeavors encapsulated affiliate marketing, building e-commerce stores, and providing freelance services for multiple companies. Of course, all of this went hand-in-hand with his studies and a part-time job at the sports store. In other words, Dane worked round the clock.

But soon, new opportunities and avenues found Dane shifting gears as he left the sports shop to pursue photography and videography. This new career path enabled him to travel far and wide across the globe. With traveling came a growing exposure and network into places such as Europe and South-East Asia. These trips proved to be a pivotal point in Dane McBeth’s professional life. 

Online book publishing had taken the publication market by storm as many people were making sales by the minute through online platforms. Dane met a few of these people during his travels. Loads of fruitful conversations with these people allowed Dane to absorb all the minute details of this prosperous digital industry.

World of book dane

To make paperbacks, eBooks, and audiobooks, Dane also learned the marketing techniques behind stellar sales. Finally, Dane’s first big break began producing books and audiobooks and selling them through Amazon KDP and Audible. As soon as four months of starting work, he crossed the ten thousand dollar mark in a single month! Without dwindling, this success persisted throughout the coming months as Dane documented his success through social media platforms.

Naturally, the stunning figures created a buzz. Followers grew excited and curious, longing to know the reason for this phenomenal success. So, Dane realized that he needed to pass on his skills and experience by creating a free-of-charge course called “Publisher Startup.”

It took him around four months to devise the course content, which finally resulted in its completion and launch at the end of June 2020. On the very first day, about a thousand people signed up! So, here was another digital avenue in which success had tumbled in Dane’s favor. 

Hence, Dane launched his other career as an educator while also running his publishing business. Grasping the scientific nature of the online publishing system, he continued making sales while working on his digital courses. 

The initial free course attracted more than five thousand students in the first few months. This figure subsequently went on to reach six thousand. Moreover, Dane realized that by that time, the free course about online publication was more of a prototype that required expansion and further work. 

However, creating a fuller version of the course proved to be a much daunting task than Dane had initially expected. 

This was partly because of his desire to make the course virtually impeccable and the best one available in the market. This desire inspired the name “Publisher Supremacy” for the program. After his tireless efforts, working around the clock for once more in his career, Dane McBeth managed to achieve his goal after four months of non-stop work.

The final product was launched in October of 2020. To summarize it all, Dane McBeth managed to produce and sell large numbers of his own books and teach others to do the same, as many as six thousand people. And all of this happened within one year!

The success created an escalating effect as other things soon followed.  Dane Mcbeth’s YouTube channel proliferated to have around 10k subscribers. Despite slow beginnings for the entire program in early October, things picked up as a positive word of mouth spread far and wide. Of course, this positive buzz had to do with students’ experience after taking the complete program.

Many of them started implementing the things they learned to great results. Of course, this evidence sparked other people’s interest, and the signup numbers for Publisher Supremacy increased rapidly. In the next seven months, which is to say by June of 2021, over three hundred people bought the program for around 1k dollars and more!

Many of these students have gone on to find success in the online self-publishing industry. So, the one success story of Dane McBeth has given birth to many others.

Things taught in Publisher Supremacy:

People who buy the entire program learn everything there is to know about self-publishing an selling books. For example, from the basics of book creation, like researching for material, creating an authorial foundation, and preparing the book for Amazon KDP, many other skills are taught.

For instance, the methodology for creating a high-quality audiobook includes hiring a professional narrator, eBook and book cover creation, and book promotion options. The techniques covered include marketing strategies and options such as email marketing, Amazon Ads, Facebook Ads, and review tactics.

Of course, the business aspect of it all is specifically stressed. Students are taught how to transition from singular self-publication to a fully-fledged publishing business that regularly generates passive income month after month.

Many practical techniques are covered, such as hiring the right people for each step to create and marketing a book. Ultimately, one has to learn how to automate the whole process to make the income passive. 

Finally, students of the program learn advanced advertising and promotion methods through email automation, Facebook pages, groups, and even through branded websites to promote products related to books.

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