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Top 10 Healthcare Software Development Companies in Germany in 2022

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Germany is the largest importer and exporter of medical devices in the European Union. Therefore, it is quite logical to assume that the leading healthcare software development companies are located in this country. Let’s take a look at the top 10 IT companies that can become reliable assistants in delivering a medical project, according to The Manifest.

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The Manifest is a business news site powered by Clutch. It publishes useful information: reviews, ratings, and guides. Its purpose is to simplify the search for business partners, marketing agencies, or IT providers. We have selected the top 10 healthcare software development companies in Germany that you can charge with your medical project.


Andersen has been at the top of the best software development companies in the Clutch ranking for several years in a row. It creates software solutions for businesses in different industries but is primarily known as a leader in fintech and healthcare projects.

A team of more than 300 certified medical engineers has completed more than 150 projects for hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies. The company’s clients include such brands as TaskDent, Johnson & Johnson’s, Universkin, and others.

Andersen has expertise in HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO/IEC 27001. Employees take on tasks of any complexity, from personal health information systems (HIS) to remote patient monitoring (RPM) tools.

The company has its own health advisory board of 30 medical practitioners, researchers, and experts from Europe and the US. They help developers to create relevant and safe software that will improve medical practice.

Andersen has earned 4.9 out of 5 stars on Clutch. That is why customers turn to this company for medical IT consulting, individual specialists, or can hire an entire team of experts (PDS). The company is currently working on 13 European projects, 3 of which are in Germany. Clients refer to Andersen employees as a modern customer-oriented team that creates functional and up-to-date platforms.

Andersen  Healthcare Software Development Companies

Welf Lab 

This young German company with a 5-star rating is attracting customers’ attention because it focuses on ML, computer vision, blockchain, natural language processing technology, optical character recognition, and IoT. Despite its young age (5 years on the market), Welf Lab has a solid achievement: it is one of the top B2B companies in 2022, according to Clutch.

The team works on the principle of transparency and mutual respect. It focuses on customer success and delivers solid stress-free solutions. Customers note the talent, diligence, and expertise of developers who impress them throughout the entire workflow.

Welf Lab  Healthcare Software Development Companies

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Mobiteam describes itself as “a proven design, development and creative partner from Berlin”. The supplier knows everything about the creation, design, promotion, and maintenance of web applications, so it offers a unique project for each customer.

The team implements an average of 30 projects per year, 20% of which are for medical institutions. For example, they have developed aesthetic modern websites for Swiss healthcare providers E-Medicus, Docdok.health, and others.

Clutch users rateMobiteam’s work with 5 stars, characterizing their collaboration as “impeccable in every way.” This is largely due to flexibility, “talent in all areas” and the ability to adapt to the conditions of any project.

Mobiteam Healthcare Software Development Companies

Hybrid Heroes 

Hybrid Heroes specializes in cross-platform application development for corporations, mid-sized companies, government agencies, and startups. The agency is a certified partner of the Ionic Framework, and also uses React Native, Flutter, and Node.js technologies in its work. In terms of experience, flexibility, and technical know-how, Hybrid Heroes can be considered German leaders in cross-platform development.

Hybrid Heroes does not focus on a particular industry but creates programs for medical organizations, leasing companies, news agencies, car-sharing centers, and educational institutions. For example, the team helped to implement Facharzt Training, a mobile medical training platform. They created not only a clear aesthetic design of the application but also thought out the logic of the content layout. At the moment, the application is a storehouse of information for the training of anesthesiologists, dermatologists, gynecologists, ENT doctors, neurologists, and orthopedists.

Customers note the employees’ special interest in the common cause, professionalism, and a high level of knowledge.

Hybrid Heroes  Healthcare Software Development Companies


For more than 17 years, this Lübeck-based digital agency for design and communication has been creating custom solutions for clients from the service, trade, craft, manufacturing, and creative industries.

The company pays special attention to projects related to health and social support. Even media strives to help doctors and medical institutions to find a balance between price and quality of services, and successfully implement telemedicine solutions. Examples of this are the development of web applications for the international Ipso-care psychological helpline and the Patients video consultation platform. For this application, the company received the LN Business Start-up Award 2016.

Evenmedia Healthcare Software Development Companies

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Heaven Solutions 

Founded in 2005, Heaven Solutions provides a full range of services from business analysis and project management to application testing and staffing services. The company has been operating for 17 years and earned an excellent reputation. 5 stars on the Clutch platform just prove this fact.

Heaven Solutions specializes in healthcare software development in Germany. About 70% of the implemented projects are medical. The team collaborates with global manufacturers of medical equipment and treatment centers and helps them to implement innovations in their work.

The developers have implemented a number of interesting projects. For example, an application for analyzing the performance of medical equipment located in different parts of the world. The client was able to monitor the operability of the equipment, and offer software updates and technical support. The developers have created a mobile platform that connects dentists and technicians, with support for smartwatches. Through it, a doctor promptly sends orders with all the necessary details to a technician.

Customers like the responsiveness and timely delivery that ensure ongoing partnerships and employees’ focus on results.

Heaven Solutions  Healthcare Software Development Companies

Makers’ Den

A young development company from Berlin aims to digitize small and medium-sized businesses. The team is engaged in the design of digital products, the creation of mobile and web applications, and consulting services. About 20% of the firm’s projects are related to healthcare.

Makers’ Den, a specialist in AI technology, has created a platform for predicting the spread of diseases in Finland. The app collects data related to various pathogens and alerts users to threats. The company has been working on an employee health monitoring platform that handles large inputs and statistics.

Customers enjoy working with Makers’ Den because the team is fast, creative, and agile. Specialists quickly understand and solve unique business challenges. Thanks to these qualities, customers give the company a high rating of 5 stars.

Makers’ Den Healthcare Software Development Companies


Hatch sees its main mission in creating digital solutions for people. The company helps businesses to gain leadership in their niche thanks to information technology. Hatch takes care of all stages: market analysis, MVP development, and product scaling.

The team is focused on developing IT solutions for consumer products and services, e-commerce, education, business, and healthcare. Some of the brightest medical projects are WQ Test and Holisticly. The first application evaluates the client’s health status by six parameters and advises on how to improve their state. The second is a telemedicine tool with video conferencing and chatbots for communication with doctors.

92% of customers are satisfied with Hatch, noting the professionalism and sociability of its employees and the timeliness of work.

Hatch Healthcare Software Development Companies

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Orion InfoSolutions

According to Appfutura, Clutch, and Goodfirm, Orion InfoSolutions is known as an App Development Partner in the US, Germany, and India.

The company with almost a decade of experience specializes in the development of mobile applications and blockchain solutions. At the same time, it offers additional services in website creation, UX/UI design, and Internet marketing. The company has more than 2.5 thousand projects, 450 grateful clients, and 4.1 stars on the Clutch service.

Orion InfoSolutions has performed well on medical projects, in particular for the International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery. The team worked on health applications of various levels of complexity. So, it has developed iKnow (a platform for searching for a disease by symptoms) and Abidjanmed (an application for making an appointment with a doctor). Customers note the high qualification, charisma, and sociability of the employees that determined the success of their projects.

Orion InfoSolutions Healthcare Software Development Companies

You are launched

This European developer helps to test business ideas, bring them to life and successfully launch startups. Using the Lean Startup methodology, the team helps to understand the business value of a product, launch it and start getting the first users and profit.

30% of the company’s projects are medical mobile and web applications for small and medium businesses. These include, for example, Careviz (a platform for facilitating care for cancer patients) and YouMari (applications for developing a personalized treatment program).

Customers rate the work of “launchers” with 5 stars. The company has collected 29 positive reviews on the Clutch platform. Clients are impressed by the ability of specialists to predict risks, work seamlessly, and timely release products that meet all the requirements.

You are launched Healthcare Software Development Companies


S-PRO provides services for the development of software solutions in the field of Renewable Energy, Healthcare, and Fintech. The company was founded in 2014 and only two people stood at its origins. Now the S-PRO staff has more than 250 professional developers. For more than 8 years of work, the company has gained tremendous experience, which means that the development of your IT solution will be at the highest level at all stages of the life cycle.

The company has several headquarters in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Estonia, and Armenia. And its main areas are:

  • Pilot Projects (PoC, MVP).
  • Dedicated Team.
  • Managed Delivery.

S-PRO also has expertise in:

  • Web Development.
  • Blockchain.
  • DevOps.
  • Mobile Development.
  • AI/ML Solutions.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • UI/UX.
  • Big Data Systems.
  • Maintenance

As we said above, S-PRO develops applications in the field of Fintech, Healthcare, and Renewable energy, namely:



  • Digitalization of the patient experience
  • Medical Operations Optimization
  • Multifunctional Pharmaceutical Solution
  • Refined Medical Imaging And Research

Renewable Energy

  • Big data & predictive analytics for renewable energy
  • Artificial intelligence solutions for renewable energy
  • Blockchain development for renewable energy
  • Mobile app development for renewable energy


Healthcare is one of the priority industries in the European Union. Countries are focusing on IT innovation to fight incurable diseases and create a digital model of care. To develop healthcare infrastructure and support hospital development projects, medical organizations need to work closely with IT service providers.

Rapid digitalization, the popularity of smartphones and wearable devices, and the reality of the pandemic all point to the importance of software solutions for healthcare organizations. First of all, they are needed to streamline internal processes within organizations, build strong relationships with patients, and outperform competitors. To implement such plans, one needs a reliable IT service provider – a healthcare software development company in Germany. There are at least 10 leaders in the country that have confirmed their expertise with awards, ratings, and customer reviews on the Clutch service.

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