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5 Ways Project Management Can Optimize Your Freelancing Business

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Freelancing has dramatically risen in popularity over the last few years. The potential freedom it offers vs. standard employment is undeniably enticing. The freedom to make your schedule, the freedom to choose your clients, the freedom to control your workload are just some of the benefits going freelance offers. However, with that freedom comes the caveat that you bear all the responsibility in running your business. For new freelancers, this can be quite staggering as the number of duties under your belt grows exponentially when switching to a freelance career.

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You have to find clients, book and organize deadlines, handle contracts, be in charge of accounting, and much more. Fortunately, a project management system from Hectic™ can help you optimize your freelance business, so all those responsibilities are in one place

Have everything in one place

The most obvious and important benefit a project management system can do for your freelancing career is keeping all relevant information in one place. For new freelancers, you’ll be shocked by how fast the number of apps and tools you use for your business can add up. Calendars, accounting tools, invoice management, time tracking, proposals, and contracts tools, are just some of the tools a freelancer will add to their repertoire as they grow their business.

Everything in one place Project Management

A good project management tool will offer all these services in one place, so you no longer have to switch between apps to complete a project. And the best part is because the apps are an all-in-one service. They integrate flawlessly with each other. No longer will tasks and critical deadlines get lost in translation between different tools.

Gives You Access to Full Project Integration

The farther along you get in your freelance career, the more ambitious projects and job offers you’ll receive. That comes with a lot more complications, as your project will have many more moving parts. A sound project management system allows you to manage all these moving parts to streamline your work process.

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Allows Different Views for Different Workstyles

No two projects are the same, and your project management system should be able to customize its interface to optimize your current workflow. The beauty of working as a freelancer is the creative freedom to explore. A well-made project management system should only make that freedom effortless.

Keeps You on Top of Deadlines

An adaptable calendar is a priority for any expiring freelancer. A good calendar will not only let you set deadlines for tasks but let you break them up into subtasks, so you can better keep track of your progress and inform your clients of the current timeline of the project. With a project management system, your calendar can be integrated with every aspect of your project consistently accurately.

Allows You to Invite Clients

The unfortunate reality about the client-freelancer relationship is that the client often doesn’t understand the facts of your work and how to set realistic expectations. A project management system allows you to invite clients to view your progress and take steps to complete their project.

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Freelance With Peace of Mind

Freelancing is often fantasized by those working a standard work schedule, and with good reason, if done right it offers a level of freedom that other types of employment can’t hope to match.  However, that freedom comes with increased responsibility that can threaten to sabotage your freelancing career if not handled properly. With a good project management system those responsibilities become far easier to handle.

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