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Top 10 Good Reasons For Leaving A Job

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You may own a company, but find that retaining good and talented employees to be a major challenge. It does take lots of time, patience and money to train a new employee. But if these employees quit, then it becomes a real headache for any business. You need to know the reasons for leaving a job so that you can take steps to stop further attrition.

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What are the best excuses to quit a job?

best excuses to quit a job Leaving A Job

  • Work-life imbalance: Some situations may require employees to undertake additional job responsibilities than what is normal. Such circumstances may arise if the company restructures or downsizes. This means employees might require taking additional roles, working longer hours and evening on weekends. This hampers career and personal life.
  • Not finding a job as expected: Work to be performed regularly may be somewhat different from what was advertised. New hires are likely to lose their confidence and trust in the new company, thus developing mistrust. They simply will not feel like working for the company anymore.

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  • Promotions and raises frozen: Industry experts believe that money is not the main reasons for leaving a job. But if employees can get much better salaries and incentives elsewhere, then they are bound to switch over. Hence, you need to offer competitive wages along with attractive perks and benefits.
  • Mismatch between new hire and job: Always hire only qualified and talented people for different positions in your business. This way, they can gel well with your company culture and enjoy their job. Hiring the wrong people for the positions lying vacant out of a hurry to fill up will only make things worse. They will not be able to complete the task assigned and mess it up.
  • Lacking decision-making skills: Managers are expected to micro-manage their team and make them execute their assigned tasks on time. Your employees should enjoy the freedom to take proper decisions that will favor your business. With empowerment comes responsibility and authority.
  • Feeling undervalued: Every person would love to be praised and recognized by his/her seniors at the workplace. Recognizing and rewarding employees for their performance is a way to appreciate them for their time and efforts. It also inculcates a sense of belongingness among the employees compelling them not to seek the best excuses to quit a job.
  • Management not having people skills: It could be that you have recently promoted some employees to a manager position. But they may lack leadership skills or not be able to work as a team. Managers in any department are expected to have people skills and motivate the team to do well in challenging circumstances.
  • Very little feedback and coaching: Some managers seem to be clueless as to how they can help their employees to overcome their challenges. Some even fail to provide timely, constructive feedback to their team. Honest, unbiased feedback is crucial for team development and project success.

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  • Losing confidence and faith in corporate leaders: With employees compelled to work more, they do not expect much of their share in success being recognized. As profits and revenues go upwards, employees think about competitive wages, while employees focus on creative development opportunities, stock options and bonuses.
  • Very little growth opportunities: This is cited to be one of the main reasons for leaving a job. Lack of career and growth opportunities within the organization compels employees to seek new pastures. You should identify ways to provide your employees with more challenging work and responsibilities.

You can overcome the best excuses to quit a job by providing your employees with an amiable and competent environment. There should be adequate room for further growth and career development.

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