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How to Deal with Micromanagement in the Workplace

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Micromanaging is a common behavior in the workplace. No one likes a micromanaging boss and such behavior is likely to create workplace conflicts. You should be smart and address the concerns and stress of your boss to reduce his/her’s micromanaging behavior. The following tips can help in deciding how to deal with micromanagement:

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Understand the Source of Micromanaging Behavior

Understanding the source of micromanaging behavior is important when deciding how to deal with micromanagement. You should try to understand the root cause of the micromanaging behavior of your boss. Such behavior can be a result of a lack of trust, uncertainties, stress, etc. Once you have identified the reason, you can work on a way to address these issues. If your boss does not trust you to deliver, then address his apprehensions by sharing regular project updates and progress. This will make things better between the both of you and make you more productive at the workplace.

Keep Your Manager in the Loop

Keep Your Manager in the Loop

Micromanaging bosses do not like surprises. One of the key reasons for their micromanaging behavior is their uncertainties. You should keep your manager in the loop at all stages of the project. You can schedule regular monitoring visits or check-ins on their part to make them feel comfortable. Hiding things from them will only trigger their fears and uncertainties. It will further increase their micromanaging behavior and make your work life miserable.

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Agree on Basic Roles and Responsibilities

When you start working on a project, discuss it with your boss. Decide the roles and responsibilities of each party to avoid confusion later. If you are working on a marketing campaign, then ensure that you discuss only the important elements with them. Your boss should give you inputs on the message and not dwell down to the font, colors, etc. If they start doing so, politely let them know that you need their inputs on critical matters. Make them believe that their time is more valuable to the larger picture and not for minute details.

Maintain Open and Honest Communication

Communication is important in figuring out the answer to how to deal with micromanagement. You should maintain regular and open communication with your boss. This will help in sharing your concerns, project progress, challenges, etc. with them. If you feel too stressed about their micromanaging behavior, speak to your boss in a candid moment. You can express that you like working with them but have a few suggestions that can make things better. It is about winning the trust of your boss without being offensive.

Anticipate the Requests

Micromanagement can be compulsive and obsessive behavior. It is marked by certain behavioral characteristics and patterns. You should understand these patterns and anticipate the requests of your boss. This will help you deal with the problem and reduce your stress. If you anticipate that your boss needs regular updates via emails or calls, then provide it to them. This will reduce their stress and uncertainties to a great extent. They can take their mind off from the micromanaging behavior and give you more space to work.

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Avoid Fighting

avoid fighting

When deciding on how to deal with micromanagement, keep the arguments, and fights out of your solution set. If you try to retaliate with your boss, it will only be more counterproductive. They may decide that you no longer can be trusted. This can increase their micromanaging behavior and make matters worse for you at the workplace. Instead of trying to fight and retaliate, try figuring out a middle path to resolve the problem. You can discuss the issues with your boss and make him understand instead of getting into a fight with him/her.

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