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Steps to Improve Your Merchandising for eCommerce Business

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Promoting businesses online does require implementing some strategies. Global retail sales are expected to climb to 22% by 2023. Online shopping is fast gaining popularity and there is no denying this fact. Since competition in this particular field is increasing every day, it has become important for small retail businesses to stay competitive to attract customers.

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About eCommerce Merchandising

Generally online stores promote its products through their sites. Ecommerce merchandising is more about how businesses sell their products to interested customers. Product placement, branding, engaging images and coming up with innovative ways for displaying goods are all its part. Ultimate goal here is to make customers to add products to the cart. It is also possible to monitor customer behavior throughout their journey. Clever strategies can boost sales.

Know the steps involved

1. Create homepage:

Customers are likely to visit this page the very first time the see your brand on the web. First impressions do count a lot. An appealing homepage is one that includes videos, graphics, imagery along with media to grab customer’s attention. The site also needs to be easily navigable. Do consider layout and make it simple, but highly engaging. It should also be navigable on all devices.

2. Use visuals to promote your brand:

Use visuals to promote your brand eCommerce Merchandising

According to experts, brand identity is more about voice tone and how to visually present yourself. It should offer enhanced customer experiences and catch customer attention quickly. They should be enticed to learn more as well as stay longer on your site. Hence, homepage visuals should be stepped up. It should be in all pages including individual product pages. Demonstration videos and 360-degree visuals can help showcase the product.

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3. Group related products:

Trying to find any specific product among the lot will be a tough task. But then segmenting them into categories can help make the search process easy, quick and fun-filled. Branded giveaways can only make things more interesting. Such strategies are used by most retailers and even in-stores. Developed focused promotions on specific categories to upsell on product pages to customers and during checkout. Navigating through the products becomes easy. Hence, grouping related products can be a great idea. It is best done by product type, brand, size, color, product uses, features and style.

4. Data collection:

It allows you to know your genuine customers. Small retail businesses can collect customer data in various ways. Monitoring site traffic through platforms such as Google Analytics can help. It effectively breaks down crucial information like customer location, time spent browsing your the site. It also includes various other metrics including AOV (average order value). Regional data can prove to be useful as businesses can use it to cater to customer needs, thus improving customer experiences.

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5. Smooth site navigation:

Not finding the website well constructed, designed or relevant will only make your targeted customers to move away to another site. Increased bounce rates leads to lost customers. Hence, identify ways to enhance site navigation making it smooth. Product categorization needs to be a part. Also do consider what is desired on the site menu like contact details, site blog, etc.

6. Personalized product recommendations:

Find out what your customers check out each time they visit your site. This will give you an idea of their desires and interests. Thus, based on this findings, you can come up with interesting product recommendations and branded giveaways. Personalization can go a long way.

Thus, eCommerce Merchandising can be stated to be evolving with each passing year. The fact is new strategies and techniques are being launched to draw customers towards businesses.

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