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Modern Sweepstakes Industry: Main Facts and Representatives

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Lotteries are a special type of gambling that has a long history of regulation. Draws were very popular in Europe and the USA centuries ago. After the 60s, the sphere of sweepstakes gained significant momentum.

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Today, there are a lot of lottery fans and no fewer quality providers for both land-based and online platforms. Sweepstakes are legalised in many countries of the world, which opens up great opportunities for operators.

2WinPower explains the value of the oldest and most popular form of gambling, as well as presents the best manufacturers of lottery software.

Sweepstakes Business: Basic Facts and Benefits

After the advent of the digital age, lotteries have undergone significant changes. It is now easier for states to manage national and regional lotteries, and for operators to run online drawing businesses.

What is a lottery? This is a form of wagering, the main principles of which are randomness and the possibility of gaining jackpots. In draws, players choose random numbers to win.

The 4 main elements of any lottery are:

  • participation bets;
  • one big prize or several awards for champions;
  • random selection of winner;
  • competition with other players, unlike other games of chance.

Sweepstakes Business Online lottery

Sweepstakes are a unique type of gambling that has a loyal and global audience. Most countries legalise drawings, banning only minors from participating.

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Key reasons to play and organise lotteries:

  • a huge fan base of loyal customers worldwide;
  • significant revenue for states and operators;
  • large jackpots and secondary prizes;
  • attracting a loyal and wide audience;
  • fast profitability of the business;
  • legality in many countries.

Main Producers of Sweepstakes Software

Online lottery providers use fresh technologies and high-quality advertising tools. Such systems make businesses competitive and allow attracting various categories of potential customers.

Here are the best manufacturers of lottery software:

HKB Gaming

This is a provider of the next generation, which has been producing high-quality gambling titles since 2008. HKB Gaming is popular in the Asian market, primarily in Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia and Australia.

The firm develops such innovational options:

  • board games;
  • card entertainment;
  • sweepstakes;
  • live broadcast software.

HKB Gaming has created a whole system for regular lotteries available on different platforms. The most popular of them are:

  • Sydney Pools;
  • Taiwan Lottery;
  • Magnum Cambodia;
  • Chine Pools;
  • Hong Kong Lottery.

Light & Wonder

This is a famous American brand that has already acquired 34 international gambling licences. Light & Wonder is a multifunctional company that develops innovative solutions for:

  • eSports betting;
  • offline and online lotteries;
  • iGaming.

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The brand was founded in 1974 as an organiser for instant sweepstakes. Having gained much experience through the years, Light & Wonder now provides many offerings including:

  • traditional board games;
  • mobile applications;
  • options for bookie shops;
  • terrestrial casino equipment.

The brand also operates the sweepstakes department to produce ground-based terminals and solutions for digital draws.


This advanced company has 50 years of experience in the gambling industry. The American brand IGT was created back in 1975 by a simple farmer William C. Redd. Since the beginning of 2005, the firm has moved into the online industry, developing software for various internet platforms.

Entrepreneurs who collaborate with IGT operate under the Maltese licence. IGT also develops lottery cabinets — compact and multifunctional consoles. They contain 20+ types of entertainment to choose from.

An impressive and wide catalogue of HTML5-based options consists of:

  • board games;
  • slot machines;
  • video poker;
  • lotteries (bingo and keno).


The history of this brand began in 1999 with a small company from Las Vegas, USA. NYX specialised in organising and running regular and instant lotteries.

The developer now has a wide range of products and offices around the world, from New Jersey to Sydney.

NYX is known for producing quality slots and sweepstakes software. Also, the company participates in the World Lottery Association.

The American firm:

  • develops mobile draws (the main specialisation);
  • creates unique video slots with modern graphics;
  • proposes innovational iGaming platforms;
  • has several subsidiaries (e.g., NYX Interactive with a focus on the lottery business).

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Pragmatic Play

This is a well-known gambling representative that was founded after the rebranding of Topgame Technology in 2015. Pragmatic Play is headquartered in Malta and has many offices abroad: in Ukraine, Great Britain, Gibraltar, the USA, and others.

The firm delivers quality and innovative gaming and betting content. The entire Pragmatic Play product catalogue is adjustable and focused on mobile devices.

The company manufactures the following products:

  • lotteries (keno, bingo, scratch cards);
  • video poker;
  • board games;
  • terrestrial and web slot machines.

All Things Considered

Lotteries are of great importance in the modern gaming industry. Sweepstakes allow punters to win money here and now and attract with big prizes, simplicity and the use of modern technologies. Lots of companies add lotteries to their portfolios.

You can learn more from 2WinPower, a gaming aggregator with extensive experience. Their team of specialists offers professional assistance in setting up profitable sweepstakes projects.

Contact the firm via:

  • e-mail: info@2wpower.com
  • Skype: twowinpower
  • Telegram: @Win2Power
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