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What Are Your Options in Trivia Board Games For Baby Boomers

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With the winter season around the corner, outdoor activities will be restricted and less appealing. But, you can still make the most of your time by buying an interesting board game and invite your friends over for a game night. Apart from having loads of fun, test each other’s knowledge enhanced during the past few months of lockdown.

While there are a lot of choices available in this category, trivia board games from renowned websites like Boom Again are the winner hands-down. And if you’re looking to find one for this winter and holiday season, here are some options to make a family gathering a fun occasion.

A Complete Cultural Trivia

Open up a bottle of wine and get a cultural trivia game to have a fun time with your friends/family. It usually consists of thousands of questions and authentic Boomer tokens such as the buttons, Dog Tags, Milk Bottle Caps, Metal Skate Keys, etc. The game covers different topics and categories to make it more engaging for players starting from entertainment, fashion, politics, and technology to automobiles. Some even relate to the decades of 50s, 60s, or 70s to help revisit old memories and feel nostalgic.

You can divide players into two teams and put one token on each center section of the game board. Pick any category, and someone from the other team will read the question for you.

In case if you give the right answers, you will get a “tug” token for that particular category for your team. If the other team also picks the same category, they can “tug” the token back towards their side. Play the tough tug war.

The first team that collects all tokens is the winner. This game is different from any other games available as you already know the answer. So, sit with your friends/family and prepare yourself for right or wrong answers, but you will have total fun, high fives, and lots of laughter playing it. A fabulous night is not complete without these trivia board games.

Niche-Specific Questioning Board Game

Niche-specific questioning board game questioning board game

Similar to a cultural trivia board game, there are many others that allow players to ask niche-specific questions with specific answers. Each question has a relevant numeric value, and each team/player writes down a guess.

After that, each guess is arranged on a board game from smallest to largest. So, before the answer is released, you can bet on which guess is closer to the right. If you’re confident in yourself, bet on yourself. If you know someone has the right answer, you can bet on others. You can earn points based on these bets.

Movie-Based Board Game

If you’re a fan of movies or have a Hollywood junkie in your family, this trivia board game is perfect for you. It works as a party quiz in which players are divided into two different teams and need to collect specific cards with a movie title.

It’s an exciting game and perfect for people who love to memorize movie quotes as it encourages creativity. You can easily win this game if your friends don’t watch movies.

Guess-The-Identity Trivia Board Games

If you’re looking for rowdy and raucous games, this is your answer. In this trivia board game, you just have to guess the identity of a person, place, or thing. Each card of the game has a descriptive statement from obscure to apparent. The first person who gets the right answer can move around the board and is the winner of the game.

Shout out the answer if you know it. Don’t be shy! As you are involved in the game more, it becomes more challenging with the tougher cards.

Brain-Tickling Card Board Game

You can choose a brain-tickling card game where each card consists of 4 questions with one link connecting to another. The person who guesses the link wins the game.

First, everyone takes part in the game in each round, and then to balance players’ abilities, you don’t need to get all four answers to connect links. Thus, your team’s expertise will not necessarily win. You need to make only one guess, so you might help the opponent solve the link if you’re wrong.

The questions on this board game may cover different topics from sports to history. So, it’s a great game for a family gathering.

If you know the answers and are looking for games for your perfect family gathering occasion, don’t forget to buy trivia board games. Once you start playing these sorts of games, you’ll have a lot of fun. So give it a try and make your friends/family gathering a fabulous night.

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