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Thursday, July 9, 2020
Home Tips Backyard Makeover: How to Make It More Interesting

Backyard Makeover: How to Make It More Interesting

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The backyard is a beautiful extension that connects your home to the outside world in a safe space. However, these days backyards aren’t seeing a lot of use anymore. Studies show that people opting for more indoor-oriented lifestyles are resulting in wasted backyard space. Even as smaller spaces crop in popularity, here are some fun ways to breathe some life into that part of your home.



1. Make a fire pit

There has been a trend in having fire pits be centerpieces outside because it’s a cozy way to get people together and enjoy some toasty talks at night or a fun mini cookout. Turn it into even more of a conversation piece by building it yourself.

You can accomplish this by using aluminum MIG welding wire and gear to form a cool, industrial-looking pit that is safe and functional. It’s simple to do and more affordable than making one out of stone. It is considered a project that can be easily finished even by a welding newbie.

2. Add planters

Create your aesthetically pleasing nature zone with vertical and horizontal planters lining your backyard as you please. Mix and match the plants that you want to grow to add a touch of hominess outside that also provides better air quality for your property.

All you need are some pots and planter boxes to start with. If you want to have more artful placements, buying a drill and some carpentry tools would be a good investment, especially if you plan on building more DIY structures. From there, you can start creating wood boards and repurposing ladders to make rows of plants and flowers.

3. Set up an outdoor dining area


This area can be achieved either by building a table with the wood of your choice or going simpler by laying out some comfortable pillows and cushions and gathering them around a beautiful blanket.

It depends on what style you’re going for, but there are so many easy ways to get this done. You can even take existing wood pieces and work them together to form a new area where you can dine with friends in the fresh air. You can go the extra mile by adding light fixtures to this set up to add to the ambiance.

4. Put in a little pond

You can also allot your backyard space for some tranquility. Finding peace in the fresh air can be enhanced with an installation of a small pond with fishes. While this requires a little more maintenance, it can change the vibe of the backyard and make it an area you’ll want to visit more.

Even though this one sounds complicated, it’s one of the simpler projects you can undertake, at least in terms of creating it. The output is also well worth the effort.

5. Make a rope tree swing

Finally, why not bring in a fun addition that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults? If there’s a tree in your backyard or a sturdy fixture that is tall enough, you can build a rope swing with some rope and a tire or wood panels. What you use for the seating depends on your preference, as either choice requires the same skill level.


All of these projects are achievable even if you’re not a pro and if you’ve only taken an interest in DIY projects. A lot of resources online are free and informative that can guide you more in-depth with whichever you decide to make.

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