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Adding Light to Your Outdoors – Onforu Wall Lights

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In modern life, lighting isn’t just about brightening up the night, it’s a quality of life statement. As a representative of the Onforu brand, they are proud to introduce a new line of LED wall sconces that bring unparalleled brightness and safety to users’ outdoor spaces.

Onforu bd70 outdoor wall light

Ultra bright and high brightness to guard home

Onforu’s LED wall light focuses on the intensity and quality of light. Using high brightness LED chips, the brightness of each light is quite amazing, creating a brighter and wider range of illumination. Whether you are welcoming the moment of returning home at night or enjoying leisure time outdoors, you can feel the warmth and safety of your home.

IP65 grade waterproof design, adaptable to various climates

Our LED wall light are designed with IP65 rated waterproof to ensure stable operation in all kinds of harsh climatic conditions. Whether it’s a hot summer, a cold winter, or a rainy season, Onforu LED wall sconces can reliably provide you with long-lasting lighting service and guard your home.

Onforu bd70 outdoor security light

Dusk to dawn, automatic sensing

Onforu’s LED wall light has a unique dusk to dawn sensing feature that eliminates the need to manually switch on and off, simply set it up after installation and the fixture will automatically light up at dusk and go out at dawn depending on the light. This smart sensing feature not only saves energy, but also provides you with a thoughtful lighting experience.

Multi-purpose, add color to your home

Onforu’s LED wall sconces are more than just lighting tools, they are works of art to beautify your home. We offer many different styles of LED wall sconces for different outdoor scenarios, such as porches, garden paths, terrace porches, and more. Whether used for lighting or decoration, our LED wall sconces can add color to your home and create a warm and charming living environment for you.

Onforu dusk to dawn wall light

The guardian of your home, safe and secure

Safety is the bottom line of your home, and Onforu’s LED wall sconces become the guardians of your home. With high brightness illumination and smart sensing function, your home can be a strong protective force at night. It not only provides a safe lighting environment for family members, but also effectively stops potential intruders, keeping your family safe.

Your Bright Choice

Whether it’s for the safety of your family or to add beauty to your home, Onforu’s LED wall sconces are the brightest choice. Choose Onforu outdoor security light fixturesand let the light be with you every day. For more information, please visit our official website: https://onforuleds.com.

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