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Monday, May 25, 2020
Home Tips 5 Expert Tips on Becoming a Digital Nomad

5 Expert Tips on Becoming a Digital Nomad

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The technological development has brought about a multitude of changes in our private and business lives among which is also the possibility to combine the two. Working while traveling used to be possible for those true nomads who would accept any job so that they may live somewhere for a while before moving on.

Nowadays, you can use technology to work from anywhere on the planet, without having to work in some shady bars and companies. If you have firmly decided to become a digital nomad, here are the top 5 pieces of advice to help you get a solid start.



Decide on a skill you can cash in remotely

cash in remotely

First things first: the skill. If you wish to become a digital nomad, you need to possess a skill you can leverage and make money off while you are exploring the world. Some people decide to earn from the travels themselves and become travel bloggers while others go for a safer option and continue to work what they have done so far just from a remote position.

Your future job can revolve around the skills you are using presently at your job or something new but whatever you choose, make sure you excel at it. This means that, before starting your nomadic lifestyle, you need to educate yourself further. Also, make sure you get more practical knowledge so that you are completely certain those skills can earn you an income when you are far away from home.


Take the finances into consideration

If you are aiming at making a beach in Bali your new office, you have the option to find a remote job, become a freelancer or start your own business. A remote job is the safest option because you are a full-time employee of some company which means a steady income.

Becoming a freelancer is financially speaking, a less stable option because you depend on finding clients. However, once you build a reputation, you can earn even more than you could as a remote employee of a company. The least steady option is to become your own boss, such as a travel blogger because you need to have the substantial initial capital to keep you going until you start making money. So, you need to think hard about your wishes and options and to make the decision where these elements meet.

Study the locations you want to visit

When making a list of the places you want to visit, you probably make those decisions based on the attractiveness of the location. People are often attracted to exotic locations, they want to learn about the Asian culture and Scandinavian cuisine, they wish to work from a beach bar or in a hotel room with the view of the Alps.

However, another very important element to your nomad lifestyle is deciding where you would be actually staying. Before you travel somewhere, you need to first search for studios for rent online, so you can be sure that the location is safe. Besides a safe neighborhood, you should be looking for a place with WiFi, that is close to shops and cafés, as of course, comfortable and affordable. Once you have found your rental studio, you can complete your travel plans.

Tend to travel and health insurance

Tend to travel and health insurance


Your nomadic lifestyle might get you acquainted with things you didn’t experience before. You might get ill but there won’t be any family members or lifelong friends there to visit you. But this situation can get even worse if you don’t tend to your health insurance on time because you can expect your expenses to suddenly go through the roof.

Regarding travel insurance, the truth is that you never know what is going to happen. Your laptop might get broken or your baggage lost but you can get compensated for that if you take out an insurance policy. Imagine having a deadline, your flight delayed, and you losing a commission because of it – these are just some situations in which insurance can help you.

Strive towards a work-life balance

People often think digital nomads spend a few hours in a café in Paris and then they are off exploring the Louvre. Since their livelihood is highly dependent on their work, sometimes this can turn into twelve hours of sitting in a cramped hotel room in the suburbs of Paris.

While working and traveling abroad, you need to have exceptional organizational skills and also incorporate healthy meals, working out, and sightseeing. To feel more satisfied with your nomadic lifestyle, you need to socialize as well because a few drinks with new friends after a day behind the laptop will help you unwind and strike a work-life balance.


Over to you

Thorough preparation before you head to some exotic location is of the utmost importance because it will give you something to lean on when facing the unexpected. So, make plans, do your research, and then strap on since the biggest adventure of your life is about to begin!





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