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Top 6 Jobs to Make Money Traveling the World

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If you’re like most people, you probably dream about traveling the world. There are just so many sights and destinations you need to visit. The only problem is money. You can’t travel all around the world without having to pay for it, right? Wrong. In fact, you can even get paid to travel the world. In case you’re not convinced yet, here are the top six jobs you can take and make money while exploring the world.

1. Work on a cruise

Make money

One of the best ways to travel the world is on a large cruise. While you may not be able to afford a trip like this, taking a job on a cruise ship is a great idea. You get to spend plenty of time on the sea and visit all the popular destinations you’ve always dreamed about. When it comes to the type of work you’ll be doing, it can be almost anything you want. For example, most cruises need people who can entertain and housekeep. Probably the best part of it is that most cruises stop at some of the most exotic destinations on the planet and many of these are probably exactly what you wanted to see. Some of the most popular exotic cruise destinations last year included Cozumel, Ocho Rio, Nassau, and similar With most expenses covered, working on a cruise ship also allows you to make money you can later use to travel more.

2. Teach English abroad

Teach english abroad

Even though classes can now be taken online via Skype, many English students prefer attending real classes. Not only that, but many of them want to work with a native speaker in order to improve their level of English. As a result, many native English speakers decide to pack their suitcases and teach English abroad. If you think you can be a good English teacher and you want to travel, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go. Just bear in mind that you need a TEFL certification in order to be able to teach English. Usually, you’ll get a chance to live overseas for some time and experience the culture for more than just a few days, like most travelers. Some of the countries you can opt for are China, Japan, and South Korea. Most jobs also include accommodation, keeping your costs minimal.

3. Work as a barista


Being a barista means you can find a job anywhere you want. Every popular destination is full of cafes and there should be nothing stopping you from getting a job anywhere you travel. Of course, if you want to get hired, you need to possess certain skills. While you don’t have to be a master barista, it’s still necessary to understand the basics in order to land a job with ease. Doing everything you can to improve your chances of getting hired and making money as you travel should be a real piece of cake. If you decide to work as a barista in Australia, a country that takes coffee seriously, turning to experts in PTE coaching should help you land a job. You could end up brewing at a beachfront café in Perth or making drinks for people in one of Melbourne’s modern coffee shops.

4. Become a tour guide

Tour guide

For most travel enthusiasts, being a tour guide is their dream job. Not only do you get paid to travel, but you’re also given a chance to see popular sights over and over again, allowing you to inspect them in detail. However, being a tour guide isn’t easy and requires you to do some preparation. For example, to get started, you should first take a desk job at the local tour company. This should help you figure out how it all works and make you a better tour guide later. If you get good at it, creating your own tours is also an option. As long as you’re good with people and you do your research on every sight you’re supposed to visit, there should be nothing stopping you from succeeding as a tour guide and getting paid to travel.

5. Become a travel blogger

Travel blogger

As mentioned above, for many people, the dream is to explore as much of the world as they can. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to do this and they settle for following travel blogs and learning about popular destinations instead of visiting them. Even those who travel a lot read these blogs in order to identify their next destination. Therefore, starting a travel blog is exactly what you’re looking for. You get to visit all those amazing locations and share your experiences with other people online. While starting a travel blog doesn’t require much else than a good camera, the most difficult part of it is building your audience. If you want to do it, you need a good website where you’ll be posting your articles. This also means turning to a company that offers adequately priced Windows VPS hosting is a good idea.

6. Be a photographer


If you’re into photography, there are ways you can incorporate traveling into your work. The world is full of stunning horizons that simply have to be captured. Take your camera with you and make those beautiful shots anywhere from Seljalandsfoss in Iceland to Lake Titicaca in Peru. With so many websites that allow you to upload and sell your own photos, you can even end up making a lot of money. While this job does involve a lot of traveling, in the beginning, you’ll have to pay for it yourself. However, once you build a name for yourself online, paying for your trips will definitely be worth it. Even if your photos don’t sell, setting up an Instagram page and posting your photos there can do the trick. There’s a need for influencers in the travel industry and you might just be able to become one.

There are just so many jobs you can take that involve traveling and might be exactly what you’ve always dreamed about. No matter which of these job ideas you like the best, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go and visit all those places so many people want to see.

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