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4 Foolproof Ways You Can Increase Employee Survey Response Rates

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Staff surveys can be a touchy subject for many organizations, usually because of the low response rates.

Maybe the employees fear being identified and consequently persecuted or have taken part in several surveys at the organization and haven’t noticed any changes based on the feedback provided. In some cases, the manager doesn’t even recognize the need of holding staff surveys and may not put much weight behind the exercise.

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Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t take away the fact that employee surveys are pivotal to assessing how much employees are engaged in the organization. A well-conducted survey can bring crucial information to light, such as the organization’s weaknesses.

Therefore, it’s high time businesses emphasize the importance of employee motivation behind surveys. Let’s take a look at four surefire ways an organization can increase employee survey response rates.

1. Let Your Employees Know the Importance of the Survey

When your employees understand why they’re being urged to engage in the survey, they’re more likely to take part in the exercise. In your communications to the employees, make sure you emphasize the value and potential benefits of their participation and tie that value back to the company’s overall objectives.

This way, you can be sure the data provided will be tailored to their needs and concerns, and the data will more likely be accurate.

2. Get Department Heads on Board

Team leaders, supervisors, and the overall management team need to be involved in the staff survey. They need to help communicate the purpose of the survey and set an example that will motivate the employees to follow suit.

Make sure you include them at each phase of the survey exercise, including when they can expect to see the results and takeaways. This will help them communicate to their subordinates more effectively since the messaging will be clear, consistent, and aligned across the business.

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3. Awarding an Incentive or Two Won’t Hurt

Employees enjoy being rewarded for what they do, even participating in employee surveys. After all, they are investing their time for the success of the business.

Some great ideas you should consider include gift cards, having a reward points system, donations to their favorite charities, or even a day off. In return, the company will benefit from having a lot of employees taking part in the survey.

Incentive or Two Won’t Hurt Gift card

4. Ensure Anonymity of the Process

As highlighted earlier in this article, employees are often skeptical about taking part in surveys because they aren’t assured of complete anonymity. In such cases, employees will be less inclined to provide honest feedback about their boss or workplace.

As such, you have to make it clear that employee survey feedback will be 100% anonymous.

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You Don’t Build a Business. You Build People, Then People Build the Business

Like any other organizational initiative, employee surveys take up a lot of resources in time and labor. But what most organizations don’t realize is that they’re a crucial investment that you can’t afford to dismiss or treat lightly.

Employee feedback is a tool for growth in any business. So, remember to act on their responses to ensure higher participation and honest feedback in any following surveys.

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