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The Legality of Online Casinos in Germany

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To a large extent, online gambling is illegal in Germany. While it is forbidden to operate a gambling website in Germany, the legality of placing bets online as such is up for debate. Online gambling may be banned under German law, but the authorities don’t seem to care about that interpretation or its enforcement.

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Online gaming is prevalent in Germany, and that is evident. Furthermore, no German has ever been arrested for making an online wager. The operators’ freedom to provide their services to the general public is at the heart of the country’s legal disputes.

However, there are now more license options available to people in the gambling business, according to the modernized Interstate Treaty on Gambling (GlüSTV).

Changes to the Law Regarding Virtual Gambling in Germany

German law regarding gambling has been tight for a long time. Recent trends made it obvious that a different approach was required when legislating the legality of online casinos and other gaming sites. This is why the German federal government and state governments agreed on new laws and regulations for online casinos and online poker in the beginning of the year 2020.

As of the first of July, 2021, these new regulations were implemented. Nonetheless, the law itself has restrictive components, even though the regulatory structure will be less onerous than it was before. The protective measures and the ban on addiction are there to keep players safe and stop them from becoming dependent on gambling.

Some examples of these regulations include caps on how much can be bet on any given spin, severe advertising laws, caps on in-game sports betting (to the next scorer or final outcome), and caps on how much can be spent on slot machines all at once. It’s important to note that consumers will have monthly deposit caps placed on them. There will be procedures in place to keep an eye on the service providers and make sure this cap isn’t exceeded any given month.

Online gambling sites that are found to be in violation of these guidelines may have their operating licenses revoked and/or face additional legal consequences. Firms in the online gambling sector would be well to get the advice of competent German legal counsel in advance in light of the aforementioned regulations and prohibitions.

Features Online Casinos Need in Light of Germany’s New Gambling Law

Below, you’ll find key characteristics shared by successful casino sites, as well as guidance on how to adopt these characteristics under the new rules:

Features Online Casinos Need in Light of Germany’s New Gambling Law placing bets online

A straightforward interface

The user interface (UI) of an app fails to meet expectations if the user has navigated several layers of menus to access the desired function. YouGov found that 24 percent of people will delete an app if it is too complicated to use. If they want to keep users, app makers should make their interfaces straightforward. Making essential features like adding funds or requesting credit quickly and easily accessible, as well as viewing current account balances and lists of games, is essential.

The GlüSTV further mandates that essential financial data be easily accessible to clients. A player must have access to their account balance, a summary of all charges, and their game history at all times under the new rules. The game’s rules, likewise, ought to be accessible and straightforward. Best practices also include providing a clear and concise explanation of the game’s rules, as customers who are confused about how to play are less inclined to take a financial risk by trying to participate.

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Instantaneous Payouts & a Variety of Accepted Payment Methods

Mobile casinos should provide multiple options for making deposits and withdrawals. Customers in Germany must have access to at least PayPal, credit cards, and online bank transfers as methods of making and receiving payments. Customers who win a game should be given their money immediately so they don’t feel tricked.

Customers’ ability to send and receive money is also crucial. While it may seem intuitive, the simplest functional faults frequently result in the greatest problems and revenue losses. Developers need to test payments across various devices and operating systems to reduce the likelihood of losing willing clients due to poor payment and payout processes.

Extensive Security

Customers of real-money casino applications demand guarantees that their monetary deposits will be safeguarded and that their profits will be legitimate. They are likewise concerned with the security of their information, particularly financial data.

Customers should not lose money in games due to a lack of security measures. The GlüSTV requires users to authenticate their participation before any game or round can begin. When put into practice, this could take the form of a yes/no confirmation prompt before beginning a game. With that set, log into wildz casino and pick a game of choice from the wide collection.

Loyalty Programs

Attracting and keeping customers is one of the gaming industry’s biggest challenges. A recent study by Feefo found that 96% of gamblers switch bookmakers at least once per year, with over a quarter of customers doing so more frequently than once every three to five months.

Bonuses, like free spins on a virtual slot machine, are a great way to get people hooked on your app and keep them coming back for more fun. Gambling services should not, however, direct bonus promotions to customers who have been banned for protection against addiction.

Outstanding Customer Service

Bugs shouldn’t be present in legitimate online casinos. However, when problems arise, clients require prompt access to customer support agents, especially if they fear financial loss due to an error. In addition to a Frequently Asked Questions section, an online casino should have a phone, email, and online form help available around the clock. The finest virtual gambling establishments will also have chatbots available to players.

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Support for Multiple Languages

The top casino applications usually have games available in multiple languages. While English and German are the norms, supporting additional languages will expand an app’s potential user base.

However, gambling businesses should be wary of bad translations since these often signal a lack of professionalism due to errors in syntax and idiomatic expressions. Gambling businesses can only ensure a successful localization process through extensive testing with native speakers.

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