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The Impact Of No Spoilers In Restructuring Inventory Management

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Inventory management is a vital aspect of almost every industry in the world. Most businesses seek a more efficient and effective way to manage their inventories, assign tasks, and control their progress as fast as possible. Thanks to the rapid technological evolution over the past decade, new techniques and platforms, such as No Spoilers have been established to make inventory management much easier.

No Spoilers is an inventory management system for bars and restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses. The platform helps entrepreneurs cut losses, reduce working hours spent on stock management, and get better overall business control with the solution. The system is based on a smart scale, mobile & web applications.

No Spoilers apply a unique technique of cutting the time needed for running inventory control by 70% with a usage of mobile app (barcode scanning) paired with Smart Scales. This allows venues to gather data quickly, thereby, enabling regular stock controls.

The company’s present cloud platform can compare stock data with outgoing (sales, transfers, reported losses) and incoming (supply orders, transfers, production) items.

Based on all the data that is collected, the platform can provide the venue owner with variation reports, automatic order generation based on stock and par levels, product cost calculations, and many more insights needed to make informed decisions on how to run the business.

No Spoilers is a ready-to-use solution for restaurant, bar, and cafe owners who are looking to take their inventory control processes to the next level.

No spoilers

With millions of venues across Europe spending millions on manual inventory management each year, No Spoilers offers an innovative platform that integrates with popular PoS systems in multiple countries enabling customers to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.

The journey began in 2016 when co-founders Michal Kowalkowski, Bartosz Firmowski and Mateusz Kalinowski launched STKTK sp. z o. o with a mission to make inventory control easier for bar staff by providing an app paired with Bluetooth scales.

Through 3 years of hard work, No Spoilers was born, offering services to bars, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses across the globe.

Despite this project being valuable to both sectors, the team still faced numerous challenges before and during the 2020 pandemic. The onset of COVID put No Spoiler’s future at risk, yet the team believed that they created something good and worth fighting for. Armed with solid resolve, No Spoilers continued its steady growth by offering an inventory control solution within the hospitality market.

The end of lockdowns around the world came with a few surprises for many industries. After a period of inactivity, No Spoilers noticed an increase in demand for their services. Professional software solutions were suddenly drawing the attention of many clients that had been previously out of reach.

On top of that, sustainability and food waste were brought into focus more than before bringing with it further opportunities to innovate. This gave new momentum to project development which has ultimately led start-up to the state the company is in today.

With the ever-growing number of resources needed to keep up with global food demand, it is critical to find ways to reduce waste. No Spoilers has responded to this need innovatively, offering a solution that helps hospitality businesses manage their stock more efficiently to cut down on unnecessary food waste.

No Spoilers multi-platform system offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to conduct both fast and precise inventory control.

Utilizing a Bluetooth-enabled scale in conjunction with an ordinary mobile phone, business owners can stay updated on the inventory control data that has been automatically uploaded to the cloud, allowing for timely review and analysis on either a computer or mobile device. The platform is designed as an all-encompassing purposeful tool for managers to be able to oversee operations throughout the entire workflow of their station.

With a real-time inventory control system, users can see what items are selling best and where they might be able to improve their product mix. Users can also utilize data to predict demand and determine how much inventory they need to keep on hand.

For example, you could know exactly how many units of each item you sell every day, week, month, quarter, or year. This information is invaluable because it lets users plan ahead and make sure that they have enough inventory to meet customer needs.

The system understands that the client buys lemons, but it also knows that they don’t sell lemons. Restaurants sell lemon juice, lemon wedges, chargrilled lemon slices, lemon zest, and a whole host of other things, and No Spoilers makes sure that each of these different products is not only presented with a cost that includes the entire product lifecycle but also translates those costs back to the original lemon, giving to the manager an accurate cost of each lemon and an accurate profit margin of each lemon, too.

Incoming inventory can also be better controlled by suppliers, so businesses can track what’s coming in and when. With data collection and analysis capabilities built into the system, business owners are supplied with valuable insights to inform smarter decisions moving forward.

Finally, this system helps businesses identify and report any losses due to wastage, allowing them to account for all their expenses accurately. Solutions to reduce food waste are becoming increasingly important and have the potential to benefit both hospitality companies as well as the environment. Therefore, No Spoilers has become a vital addition to modern-day businesses to aid in efficient inventory management.

No Spoilers has become an innovative and indispensable inventory management platform for bars, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses in recent years. With a myriad of positive reviews from its clients, the company has established valuable additions to modern businesses to reduce waste and improve inventory management efficiency. The platform has been made very easy to use and potential clients are encouraged to embrace the opportunity to improve their business productivity.

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