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Best Business Productivity Tools of 2020

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Businesses should improve the productivity of employees while carrying out important tasks in workplaces. With technologies are improving day by day, there are many tools available for businesses to enhance the skills of employees to a large extent.

However, it is necessary to get more information about them from various sources for gaining more ideas. The business productivity tools enable businesses to make complex tasks a simple one. Another thing is that they contribute more to plan the business operations accordingly that can help get the best results.

What are the best business productivity tools?

1. Shift

Shift business productivity app

Shift software is ideal for connecting with productivity apps in one place that gives ways to streamline the workflow of employees. Some other features supported by the shifting software include project management, social applications, sales productivity, note management, design, and presentation tools. The primary advantage of this software is that it allows users to toggle multiple applications such as Gmail, Skype, Google Drive, and so on.

2. Asana

Asana business productivity tool

Asana is a very powerful tool designed for tracking the performance of employees with high accuracy. The platform enables organizations to create a list of tasks for upcoming projects that can help implement them properly. In addition, it let businesses organize all projects in a board form that show ways to search functions and past works easily. The tool is a very effective one for all sizes of businesses to stay organized and allow employees to facilitate conversations in quick turnaround time.

3. ClickUp

Clickup business productivity tool

ClickUp is one of the best productivity tools meant for businesses because it comes with the best features. They include lists, reminders, comment sections, priorities, time tracking, docs, and notepad. The tool can integrate with other productivity tools that can help unify all the processes with ease. It is a suitable one for businesses to manage to-do lists, notes, time management, team’s collaboration, tasks, and projects.

4. Evernote

Evernote business productivity software

Evernote is a very powerful tool that comes with several features. Some of them include a word processor, audio notes, cross-platform syncing, note management, integration with online productivity tools, and so on. It has three pricing options free, plus, and premium which fulfill the expectations of users.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox business productivity tool

Dropbox is one of the best business productivity tools for businesses that allow them to store important documents in a secure place. The features offered by the tool include cross-platform accessibility, integration with online productivity tools, advanced document categorization, data protection, and file sharing with customized access rights.


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