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The Best Meme Coins In The Market SHIB, DOGE, Dogetti

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The Crypto industry has a wide range of options for investors at present. You can select from a wide variety of options to invest your fund and expand your portfolio. You can invest in stablecoins, meme coins, and bunches of other options. If you trade in cryptocurrencies then visit Bitcoin Smarter the official trading website.

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Meme coins are one of the most amazing options out there if you want to try out a new genre. It is a major attraction source for investors and appeals to a wide mass! Meme coins are taking an important position in the market at present.

Several meme coins are performing quite well like Dogecoins or Shiba Inu. Let’s see what meme coins are the best investment options this year!

The Best Meme Coin In The Crypto Space, Dogecoin

Who doesn’t know Dogecoin in today’s time? It is the most famous meme coin and is performing quite well! This DeFi Crypto is open-sourced and is the foremost meme coin in the market.

All other meme coins are a result of DOGE’s top-notch performance and popularity in the industry. Though the developers released this token as a part of a meme, it gained momentum after Elon Musk tweeted about it!

After receiving Musk’s support, the value of this coin has increased tenfold! Also, many investors are now interested to invest in this coin as they expect more increases in price.

As Elon Musk has been supporting this coin for a long time, people were expecting it on Twitter after his control over the platform. This too led to the rise of the value of this token!

Apart from being a meme coin, DOGE is an amazing investment option as a Crypto too! And its performance proves it all! It is holding one of the dominant positions in the market in terms of market cap and value.

Considering all these factors, these meme coins can be an outstation investment option for you this year!

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Shiba Inu – The Biggest Competitor of Dogecoin

Shiba Inu Dogecoin

The coin that was launched in the market to compete with Dogecoin was Shiba Inu! This is a DeFi Crypto as well which is built on Ethereum’s network. Though the theme was a bit different between SHIB and DOGE, they have some similarities too!

Both these tokens were released as a part of a meme or a mere joke. But, SHIB too gained momentum and joined the same height of success! Though it is still unknown who invented this token, the entire “SHIBARMY” community is there for the token.

But what is the feature that makes it different from other meme coins? The major difference is the limited supply of SHIB. Unlike DOGE, which is available in unlimited amounts, SHIB has a limited supply.

If you want to learn from this wonderful community and gain profits, invest in this coin today!

Dogetti, The New Arrival

The theme of this decentralized coin is mafia dogs. And, many consider this coin to be the Godfather of all other meme coins! It is so because their offer is too good to refuse!

As a part of this coin’s community, you can control and also own the coin. It also donates its profits to charities. The platform maintains around 2% of every transaction on the charity wallet!

You can select from different charities and donate to the one you want. Besides these, the platform is also planning to launch NFTs that will be linked with its tokens. You will be able to swap the NFTs for any ERC-20 token!

The presale for this amazing coin is here and you should not miss this opportunity! Invest in this coin to enjoy the bunches of benefits that are on the way!

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Meme coins are a great option to expand your portfolio as a Crypto investor. All these three options are amazing for investing and joining an amazing community. You can try investing in all these 3 meme coins, DOGE, SHIB, or Dogetti, for some good returns!

But before investing any amount, make sure you check the details and learn more about the tokens. This way, you can reduce the risks of losses on your investments.

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