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These 6 Founders Share The Best Investments They Made Before They Launched

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Investors differ in philosophies and strategies and apply them to their investments. The founders include trademarks to coaches, making the best investments to start their business. These investors analyze and make innovative investments.

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6 Founders sharing their Investments

6 Founders sharing their Investments Entrepreneurial mindset

1. Editor-in-Chief, Sharri Harmel, an Extraordinary Women Magazine

It is a magazine focusing on assisting women in creating superb chapters. The investment made by the founder Sharri Harmel made was not a successful investment portfolio. Yet, before getting ready, she launched courses such as Facebook groups to learn about her target audiences. She invests in failure, believing to learn by doing and practice.

2. Michelle Yu, Aspire Talent, Founder, and CEO

‘Aspire Talent’ focuses on HR things and people operations. It is an HR consultancy boutique. The best investment that Michelle Yu made before launching his business was he got a coach for himself. Figuring out your ways is certainly the best idea to save money. However, it does not work always. It is best to invest in a coach who can assure success. He can strengthen your entrepreneurial mindset and it helps in getting your business goals faster.

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3. Melanie Espeland, Espelad Enterprises, Founder and Executive Coach

“Espelad Enterprises” works on executive coaching with professionals and offers executive life coaching.  Melanie Espeland believes in self-working before launching a company. She insists on starting a business only on understanding the reason why one aims to start a business. Only then, you can stay connected with the entrepreneur mindset and also help people who connect with you.

4. Roketa Johnson, Opulence, CEO and Founder

Opulence’s founder and CEO is Roketa Johnson. They connect with vetted resources the entrepreneurs looking to launch and establish, scale, or build their businesses. The business can be anything, investments or online advertising, the only thing Roketa Johnson did was trademark her brand. She gives importance to brand reputation as it is a valuable asset. It is a must to ensure you safeguard it.

5. Claire Spackman, Consumerhaus, Founder

Consumerhaus is an online advertising marketplace and is for the favorite consumer brands of the internet. It ranges from health and wellness to food and beverage, to pets and personal care.  It is the best investment that Claire Spackman did before launching. He sent cold emails to as many people as possible, and he never understood where the email leads. He had no clue if it was some publication feature or an intro to any investor. Consumerhaus owes his wins to his attempt at success. He says it is because of sending incredibly personalized emails to strangers, without any fear.

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6. Kristina Bartold, The Social Snippet, CEO

The Social Snippet of Kristina Bartold is a podcasting and social media agency. It focuses on building digital online communities for entrepreneurs. It means investing before starting a community. Joining low-ticket or free communities is a way of getting an introduction and pouring value. The other calls relate and stay in connection. It helps people to think you can meet and know how to enter and build their business. It works as an investment portfolio. Making connections is important and there is no need to pitch each time. One can see, the connections will pay you, and it will come in small and big ratios.

Wrapping up

Investments are a way of putting your money effectively to work and helping it build wealth. There is greater potential to invest, and it is due to compounding power and the trade-off risk return.

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