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Tech for Your Backyard: 5 Hot Outdoor Technology Trends

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As the pandemic is quickly changing how we spend our time, many countries amidst a lockdown, and thus many families at home, more people are getting creative with their outdoor areas to transform them into entertainment-filled, and outdoor technology trends yet still serene nooks perfect for kids and adults alike. This is a perfect opportunity to improve the time you spend outdoors, make the most of your backyard, and seamlessly introduce a few creative, tech-based solutions to your home.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few suggestions that have become overwhelmingly popular with individuals and families of all sizes. These backyard solutions are designed to elevate your outdoor experience while simultaneously helping you bond with your family through quality time. Pick your favorites and start your own backyard makeover in no time, and your lockdown time will be all the more productive for it.

1. Preserve your energy with a robot lawnmower

For those who have already used a robot vacuum device such as the famous Roomba, you know the value of robotics in the modern household. However, the same principles that drive robotics in agriculture and other major industries can be used to transform your own lawn-care, for example.

If you’re tech-savvy, you’ll have no problem setting up your robotic lawnmower to tend to your backyard needs for you. That way, you’ll have more time on your hands to bond with your family while your robot pal labors away in your backyard. 

2. Weather-perfect TV sets

Weather-perfect tv sets: outdoor technology trends

There’s nothing quite like setting up family movie nights under the stars and enjoying the fresh breeze as you watch your favorite movies – but definitely not on your laptop or your phone. For an entirely new level of class, you can set up a superb outdoor entertainment system comprising of a waterproof TV and a soundbar for a complete experience. These sets are made to withstand whatever the weather throws at them, so reasonable temperature fluctuations aren’t an issue, and you can enjoy a glare-free screen whatever the angle might be.

The same applies to the sound bar that is meant to provide you with an exquisite audio experience and quality sound meant to survive outside. Aim for sound bars that are also waterproof and resistant to everything from snow to dust, so that you can enjoy your set well after the summer is over.

3. Security front and center

Hopefully, you already have a great locking system, which means that your home is protected from intruders to a certain extent. This might be a good opportunity to expand that protection by introducing a security system of surveillance cameras and perhaps an alarm system that will register intruders as soon as they enter your backyard. Sometimes, it’s more than enough for a burglar to spot a camera and to immediately be deterred from even trying to break into your home.

Then again, an alarm system is a great addition that will keep intruders at bay, and you’ll have access to ongoing protection for your entire home and your family. Modern technology has advanced so much that you can take your pick from a wide array of options to find the kind of image and recording quality you prefer and to suit the size of your outdoor space. 

4. Think solar thoughts

Knowing how far we’ve come in terms of technology that helps preserve the environment, you should also consider a solution that will improve your outdoor experience while at the same time keeping your carbon emissions low and your sustainability efforts high. One particular segment of technology that can achieve this includes the use of renewable energy sources such as sunlight. Thankfully, there are a range of affordable and outdoor-perfect solar panels and batteries that help introduce this form of energy consumption into your home without depleting your budget.

Keeping a charging station in your backyard based on solar energy can help you keep all of your other tech devices charged and at full capacity without boosting your electricity bill. You can use it as an energy source for smaller devices outside, so you can even work on the porch or video chat with your loved ones outside without worrying about your phone or laptop battery. 

5. Bug-repellant lanterns

We’re about to enjoy a few months of absolutely divine summer weather, and pleasantly cool summer evenings are ideal for family movie nights outside, or star-gazing and hunting for meteors. The only thing with the potential to ruin such ideal scenarios is the swarm of mosquitos that will inevitably raid your backyard, unless you take precautions that will keep you and your family bite-free. The market is now filled with mosquito-repelling lanterns that boast both form and function, improving the aesthetic appeal of your backyard while keeping the pests at bay.

Try to find a lantern that doesn’t depend on cords, but rather uses an efficient battery so that you can take it with you wherever you choose to spend your time outside. The cartridges can last for hours on end, so with mindful use, you can preserve a single cartridge for several evenings at a time.  

It’s time to take tech outside! With so many different and creative options available, you can design your own outdoor pad for reading, relaxing, and enjoying the sun, and you can rely on technology to keep you comfortable, entertained, and your backyard neat.

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