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Sustainable Promotional Item Ideas

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More and more people are taking steps toward sustainability. As a company, using eco-friendly products is a great way to demonstrate your values and strengthen your green branding. Apart from having sustainable products and services, you can also showcase your brand’s environmental awareness through eco-friendly promotional item ideas, such as the following:

1. Stone-paper notebook

Notebooks are some of the most popular giveaway items, but stone paper notebooks are unique and known for being eco-friendly. Typical paper production requires the consumption and destruction of trees. Stone paper, on the other hand, is made from calcium carbonate powder and requires no trees to produce.

Aside from being 100% tree-free, stone paper is also anti-static, water-resistant, acid-free, grease-resistant, insect-resistant, and tear-resistant due to its extreme flexibility. With each notebook, you help lessen the trees being cut down to produce paper, and notes will last longer and be easier to preserve.

Most stone paper notebooks come as small spiral notebooks with an eco-friendly cardboard cover on which your logo or message will be printed. Each notebook also has an elastic pen loop holding a ballpoint pen with a paper barrel.

2. Eco lanyards

Eco-friendly promotional item ideas

There are corporate giveaway companies, such as The Lanyard Factory, that offer eco-friendly lanyards. You can take your pick between different eco-friendly materials, some of which are made of plant-based materials and others of recycled materials. There are plant silk lanyards made from stem waste or harvested crops, recycled PET lanyards made from recycled plastic or PET bottles, and lanyards made from bamboo fiber.

Aside from handing them out as promotional gifts, you can even make eco-lanyards your company lanyards.

3. Reusable metal straw

Plastic straws take centuries to degrade, so they have a lot of negative effects on the environment, especially marine environments and wildlife. By using a reusable metal straw instead of plastic every time they eat out, the recipients of your corporate gifts will be able to reduce their waste.

There are many metal straw designs available. The most common ones are the plain, straight, or bent tubes, but there are also collapsible metal straws that come with a rubber tip. Most of them also come with cleaning brushes. Your company name, logo, or message can be imprinted on the case containing the metal straw kit.

4. Tote bags

Corporate gift bags are another effective marketing strategy that should enable you to connect better with your customers. Most customers often feel the need to be valued and when they realize that they are getting a useful gift as a freebie, they are sure to form a favorable opinion regarding your company.

Single-use plastic bags are among the worst and most prevalent plastic pollutants in the world. As such, many governments, including the state of Victoria, are already banning the distribution of plastic bags in their territories and encouraging citizens to choose reusable bags when shopping. Because of this, the demand for reusable shopping bags is increasing.

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