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Vindaloo Softtech – One Stop Solution For All VoIP Applications

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Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd. (VSPL) is a software development company with expertise in VoIP Application Development leveraging VoIP Platforms such as FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Kamailio, OpenSIPs, &WebRTC, as backend, and MEAN stack, PHP, and cross-platform Mobile Application development. The company was founded in 2016 as Vindaloo VoIP Pvt. Ltd. with a core focus on providing custom VoIP Software and Web Applications Services for small and medium enterprises. Over the years, they have expanded their workforce to provide vital services like VoIP billing software, Multi-Tenant PBX, Contact Center Software, Unified Communication Software, SoftSwitch, Session Border Controller (SBC), CRM development, E-Learning Software, UI/UX services, and Digital Marketing.

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Co-founded by Mr. BhaskarMetikel and Mr. Vishal Pai in 2016, the company started operation after identifying the demand for professional VoIP software/applications for businesses that couldn’t rely on existing solutions such as Skype and Google Hangouts for their Audio/Video conferencing needs. Such popular software lacks the customizability and additional security required by medium to large enterprises with a sizable number of employees. Hence, custom VoIP and PBX servers are in significant demand. Recognizing the potential in this domain, the company started operations on 8th December 2016 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Its goal was to offer VoIP app development services using open-source technologies such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPs,Kamailio, WebRTC, etc

Furthermore, catering to the customer demands for VoIP software development allowed Vindaloo Softtech to utilize its existing workforce to venture into software development for other industries. The company is also offering its clients digital marketing and UX/UX design services to expand operations. The company plans to launch its own range of web apps using the experience gained from desktop software and web app development for these clients. However, this project requires longer development cycles due to juggling the team between client projects and in-house development.

Mr. BhaskarMetikel has amassed considerable experience in the VoIP industry over the years. This experience gave him knowledge about the challenges faced by clients and their demands. On the other hand, Mr. Vishal Pai has worked as a software developer with proficiency in several programming languages and technology stacks. Combining their experience and market knowledge, the co-founders approached prospective clients and began working on different PBX and FreeSwitch-related projects. Gradually, they got into other open-source VoIP projects as well.

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“Our customers are businesses working in diverse industries. On a generic note, any company with a global audience or multiple geographical locations is a potential customer of VSPL. Furthermore, dealing with various software technologies and programming languages allows us to take on projects related to MEAN stack, PHP development, cross-platform app development, eCommerce plugins, integrations, etc.

While we are VoIP development partners for multiple businesses, we have also developed unique web applications for two of our valued customers.

1)      A dedicated CRM platform for Solar Industry.

2)      A music eLearning platform with flexible features for both teachers and students.

The overall response for both applications has been stellar, with clients expressing how impressed they are with the final products. In fact, we were recently awarded the task of adding new features to both applications.”

“Every business thrives on recommendations and repeated business. Moreover, the software development industry is highly competitive. Positive customer feedback goes a long way in helping us expand and excel. It boosts the morale of the team who worked on the project and helps provide insights about our work quality and capabilities to any prospective client reading the review.”

The company has been self-funded from the start and is successfully thriving on the new and repeated projects received, owing to its spreading positive reputation. As the company provides complete software development services with different hiring models, it has successfully sustained itself without any external financial aid. However, the company’s latest undertaking of developing valuable apps and software in-house with the help of its internal team leads to longer development cycles. Therefore, it is difficult to provide a ballpark amount, but interested investors can contact the company to help accelerate the “time to market” duration.

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Message to customers and viewers:

“For those who know us, we thank you for the support and trust you have placed in us. We hope to continue a lasting relationship with all of you. For those who don’t know us, We are Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd., and we hope this platform allows us to become your next technology partner.”

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