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Essential Tips For Planning A Marketing And Media Strategy For SMEs In 2023

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No matter how substantial a problem your product or service is solving, if the masses are not aware of it, you will hardly achieve any sales. The only method for a brand to gain recognition from the general public is through a powerful marketing strategy. Especially if you are a small or medium enterprise owner, a dominant marketing plan becomes all the more crucial.

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Digital marketing has been thriving ever since it came into existence. According to a study, an average adult spends around 7 hours online daily, so it only makes sense to market your brand online. However, it is not recommended to get into execution mode and get started with online marketing. Instead, building a solid strategy is what is recommended.

Following are the tips to help you create a solid digital marketing strategy:

Explore the Landscape and do a result analysis

A solid strategy kicks off with examining and analyzing. This provides you with a crystalline idea of your current strategy, the steps you must take to get ahead of the competitors, and a better understanding of your potential customers. Customer retention is another advantage an analysis could provide you with.

Examining your website also ensures to analyze your competitor’s online presence. One of the best advantages of Digitial Marketing is you can easily analyze your competitor as everything is public.

Map out your strategy

Build a strong strategy with the base, “What do I want to achieve?” “How to achieve it?” You can consider following a GSOT strategy, which stands for, Goals, Strategies, Objectives, and Tactics. Following are the steps to form this strategy:

  • Define your long-term and short-term goals.
  • Strategy or the approach you will utilize to achieve those goals.
  • Define the objectives of your goal. For example, if you aim to grow your sales by 5%, your objective might be to bring in 20,000 leads.
  • Tactics align directly with your objectives. For instance, if I require 200 leads, I might utilize Social Media Marketing or Guest Posting.

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Be clear with your target audience

It would help if you have a clear idea about who your target audience is. For example, if your brand produces baby products, your focus audience would be Couples with newborn babies.

Be clear with your target audience

Build your content strategy

Once you are clear with your objectives and target audience, form your content strategy accordingly. Here are a few tips you can consider to get content inspiration:

Analyze the content strategy of your competitor.

Check out the questions the general public is seeking answers to on search engines.

Explore Instagram for the latest trends and hashtags.

Keep an eye on Google Search Suggestions. Type in a keyword related to your brand and check what Google suggests. Include that section in your website.

Set benchmarks and performance indicators

Often organizations start with execution but struggle to find an answer to “Whether or not their strategy is working?” Every activity you are investing in must have a KPI. Additionally, set benchmarks. Let’s take a look at an example for better understanding: In email marketing, the KPI could be “Email Open Rate,” and the benchmark could be reached by at least 25%.

Hire a Marketing and Media Agency

Execution of all the steps mentioned above might sound like a lot of work. Keeping in sync with the other business essentials sounds almost impossible. A practical solution for this issue is hiring a reliable Marketing and Media agency like emergedigital.ae, which has expertise in all aspects of digital marketing.

Following are the services that the agency provides to Sky-Rocket your sales:

Advertising Campaigns: With extensive experience in digital marketing, the “Purple Media” team has mastered the art of forming an effective Advertising Campaign. From planning to optimization, every aspect of advertising is managed by the experts at Purple Media.

Design and Artwork: Artworks developed by Purple Media are not beautiful to look at but also work according to the algorithm of social media websites and provide you with a better reach. Additionally, the background track provided is on the house, and you don’t have to pay even a single penny for that.

Website creation and SEO: A poorly formatted website with no SEO optimization will do no good for a firm. Purple Media helps you to form a website that is not user-friendly but is also properly optimized for SEO.

Social Media Services: The number of social media users grew by 4.59 billion in 2022. If you are not taking advantage of the popularity of Social Media Platforms, you are missing out on some great opportunities. Purple Media helps you create content that’s not just engaging but also portrays a clear message about the product or services of your brand.

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Wrapping it up!

The key to growing through digital marketing is being focused and consistent. However, it might be tough for you to properly manage your digital presence because of the business essentials you must perform on the root level. This is where the role of Purple Media kicks in. With 20+ years of experience in Advertising and Marketing, the agency helps brands to thrive with exponential growth in their reach and sales.

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