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Home Startup MyTokri-A Startup for Making Online Shopping easy and cost effective

MyTokri-A Startup for Making Online Shopping easy and cost effective

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The new website Mytokri.com has come up with offers to provide online coupons to various online shoppers and try to improve their online experience. This website has a huge potential and can grow to a huge stature within a very small timeframe. The offers, deals, and coupons which it provides to the online shoppers through its websites are simply fantastic and force the users to return time and again to this website for more offers. Here we describe the inside story which explains how mytokri came up and what are its future endeavors.


How did the journey begin

Saurabh, Mytokri co-founder, was invited to the birthday party of his father’s son’s birthday. But Saurabh was unwilling to go as he had bought the gift by himself from his monthly allowance. But his father insisted him to go. So he started searching for gifts in the local gift store but was not able to find the right ones which fit in his allocated budget. So his friend and another Mytokri co-founder, Akash advised him to search on various online shopping websites to look for a product which suited him the most. After that of them decided to create a portal which combined various e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal as well as Myntra so that the customers can utilize various offers, coupons, and deals for the purpose of availing low priced items. Using the portal the users could even talk to each other and offer certain tips, advice as well as questions to improve their experience. With such an in idea in mind, they created Mytokri.

Regular updates of MyTokri.com

One of the most important features of Mytokri.com is that it has the philosophy of empowering its customers and believing that each and every one of its customer is special. It cares about the choices and preferences of the customer and the mood the have while buying various products.


Mytokri team puts in hours of hard work to come up with the best deals and offers for every user. 

There are also several contests and freebie activities which are offered from time to time to keep the customers engaged and excited. The customer is the most important person at Mytokri and they make sure they follow this philosophy to the core.

Various new deals on offer from various websites

Every day is a new story which brings with it new offers. Just for this particular function, there is a section called the today’s deal function which helps every user to avail the hot deals of the day. Even though there are many deals which last for a week or more, the super hit deals only last for a day due to which the users have to use this site regularly to ensure they do not miss out on any exciting offers. For each and every user there are certain deals which suit each and every taste buds and the today’s deal section is definitely a part which keeps everyone engaged. It is the best website when it comes to online coupons in India and it is pretty sure to hold that place for a long period to come.

MyTokri-A Startup for Making Online Shopping easy and cost effective

Ease of user for customers 

The specialists and experts working for Mytokri conduct thorough research and come up with the best deals which are present and in the process provide more than a thousand active discount coupons along with promo codes to all the online shoppers on its website. The coupons are available across a number of segments which include fashion, mobile, home appliances, grocery, recharge and many other sectors.


Using the offers available on website every user can save a large amount of money while purchasing from any online website.

The mobile application Features 

In today’s technology-driven world we are all busy with our lives and we hardly get time for any personal activities. So shopping is one of those things which we do in our leisure time which we hardly get nowadays. And Mytokri has given you an opportunity to reduce your pressure a lot more as you don’t have to search for the deals for long hours anymore. They will be directly stored on our mobile phone and you can use them at your own convenience. The app MyTokri is one of the most user-friendly and effective apps which are available on your mobile and it can be downloaded easily from the play store of Google. This app can be used anywhere and anytime at the convenience of the user so that he can avail the offers easily.


Whatsapp interface 

Mytokri has also created a new WhatsApp interface to provide you with the best deals which are there on offer. One can easily get connected to the website and never miss a deal. Just activate the Deal Alert on WhatsApp through your number and get a minimum of three best deals for the day on your mobile phone. There is also an added feature that every two lucky winners would be getting a bonus venture from Amazon worth Rs 250 per week. SO join in the Mytokri train and reach the dreamland of online coupons.

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