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Create Beautiful Graphics with Drawtify Online illustrator & Vector Editor

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The world has taken a drastic turn from what it has been over the years and has made a huge shift to what we see today. Every discipline of life has experienced a change in one way or the other. Why? Technology and digitalization. These two have played a major role in literally upgrading every system of the world from banking, business, entertainment, shopping, and literally anything we could think of and it’s been a pretty amazing ride so far. Everything has been made so much easier than how it was before.

One of the things that stands out as a headliner in the upgrade of the world’s system is Graphic publishing. Graphic publishing is the art of a designer, turning their ideas into a digital design.

Over the years, graphic design has become a need for every brand and business and it can be a quite hectic and expensive journey.

It mostly takes hours getting templates, designing, and editing amongst other things. If you’re a designer reading this, whether a beginner or professional, you most definitely know what I’m talking about. However, there’s just the solution for you: Drawtify!

Bruce Song(founder), a designer with over 20 years of experience and a professional at 2D and 3D graphic development was looking for a way to make vector graphic design easier and cost-saving, So he decided to create a solution himself. David Song (co-founder), Design Director with a very rich experience in graphic design with many international design awards and is very familiar with various design software joined the team soon after. He was working in his design studio when he heard about Bruce’s idea and jumped at the chance to be a  part of something new and exciting.

Both of them started Drawtify, an online graphic editor with great design templates and elements that are easy to use and free of charge! The idea was born from the frustration of using design software that has a learning curve too high and difficult to use. In today’s world, there is no excuse for not having access to basic tools for graphic design, especially if you’re an amateur designer or just starting out.

The company was created with the idea that anyone should be able to create professional-looking designs in minutes instead of hours or days. The goal of the platform is to make design easier for everyone. Drawtify can help people who want to make designs easily and quickly.

The platform launched in 2020, and Justin Hsu (co-founder), who is very experienced in online marketing, has successfully promoted many digital products and also serves as marketing director. He is passionate about user experience design and customer success which led to him joining the team a few months later.

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Thanks to the support of early customers who believed in the vision to make the design more accessible and provided many valuable suggestions, Drawtify grew significant traffic monthly! It started with just a few users and gradually expanded its internet reach. In the beginning, the focus was on how to make infographics and animated graphics for digital marketing, and building out the first version of Drawtify online illustrator was the first task. It wasn’t perfect—far from it—but it worked well enough to get some early beta users on board. Today, more design features, plugins, design elements, and templates in Drawtify have been made and there will always be continuous work to improve it for users.

The good news, however, is that drawtify stats generate revenue and can cover the costs of server and marketing. The company is always open to investors and is currently looking for seed funding, and requires about $1 million to $2 million to finish its product ideas, and templates and increase a little marketing budget.

To Drawtify customers and viewers all over, there’s no doubt that it can be super hard to get started with graphic design and also a bit expensive, but best believe design should be easier than this! With Drawtify, customers can create almost all the beautiful graphics they want with the online vector graphic editor and become graphic designers, illustrators, animators, and publishers of Drawtify. So basically anyone can now be a designer!

The platform’s powerful vector design software can now help designers to create exclusive and almost all beautiful graphics online at no cost, all free. Graphics like SVG, vector logos, infographics, flyers, posters, banners, etc, are now totally free.

Drawtify is here to make sure that its customers have all the tools needed to create designs exactly how they want. That’s why the platform was created. The company will only keep getting better and better with improvements just for its dear customer and they are never stopping.

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If there are any complaints or suggestions to help the company to improve, and serve its customers better, customers should not hesitate to send them in. The company loves to hear from its customers and together, there can be great success.

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