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Stand Out With an Interactive Exhibition Display

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Events are a crucial aspect of product and brand activations, marketing strategies, and other business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) initiatives. Both brands and consumers can symbiotically benefit from events, as it offers an interpersonal meeting ground between the two. While most marketers execute their strategies digitally, the ability for brands to tap into an entirely new audience has limitations online, especially in an era of targeted ads and smarter algorithms. As a result, joining conventions, exhibitions, trade shows, functions, and like are essential for companies to grow.


Although events that involve particular brand categories are lovely avenues for discovery, your company may drown in a sea of competitors. Likewise, an independent event can lose traction when it is not interesting enough. The solution lies in the elements of your event preparation. In particular, an interactive exhibition display is a powerful tool that can elevate your brand’s image in consumers minds. Here is why it is a no brainer to get one.

Experiences over Visuals

For a long time, print ads dominated the advertising world. However, the popularity of social media and the digital age has replaced the legacy of print and television ads. Now, media consumption is more prevalent than ever, at rates significantly more frequent than the past. Although visuals still play an important role in grabbing consumers interest, many have become bored with the stillness of images. Video provides a higher visual stimulus, but it still lacks attention-grabbing aspects.

What younger consumers are searching for is a break out of tradition and a leap into experience-forward advertising. Ads that offer some form of interaction will more likely catch their attention. Consequently, if your brand targets a younger audience, you should use an interactive exhibition rentals display and activities to get people talking and engaged with your brand.

An Opportunity for Virality

A plethora of ad campaigns has made use of the interactive exhibition strategy, many of which found traction by documenting the experience on social media. You may not necessarily be going for a full-blown campaign if your business is not hosting an independent event, and is instead joining a convention. However, it is still an excellent opportunity to gain social media mentions.


Creativity will make you stand out in a crowd of competitors, so putting in the extra effort of making your exhibition significantly more interesting will pay off in media impressions, lead generation, and partnership acquisition. From a corporate perspective, the amount of money required to set-up a fascinating exhibition is small compared to the possibilities that it can offer. A successful exhibit starts by understanding your consumers and creating an interactive display that taps into their interests.

Interactive displays systems will help you to create memorable presentations and your spot will be noted from a long distance.

These displays are powerful presentation tools and are a great way to convey information professionally. While using interactive displays you can manage all the credentials and create effective, attention-grabbing imagery.

A Brand to Remember


A good exhibition stand is not necessarily the flashiest or the most extravagant. Although visual appeal will do wonders when it comes to attracting an initial wave of people, you will eventually generate a wider audience through word-of-mouth. Therefore, it is pertinent to focus on giving your consumers the most memorable experience.

For instance, if you join a vintage camera trade show to showcase your line of polaroid cameras, then include a photo booth that produces vintage-looking photos on your exhibition display. It will give guests an enjoyable experience while catching a glimpse of your product in action. If you own a cosmetics brand, then an exhibition display with a touch screen where people can digitally test out your products will also prove to be an exciting and social media-worthy experience.

While functions and other more formal events may require you to tone things down, an interactive aspect in your exhibition will still be more impactful than a static display. Determine your target market and work with a display fabricator to create an exhibition stand that will capture your audience’s heart. That way, your presentation will surely stand out from the rest.

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