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YouTube channel promotion: how it works + 10 life hacks

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YouTube channel: design and optimization video.

Channel design plays a leading role in attracting viewers, and the content itself follows. It is important to have your own style and, in accordance with it, create unique design elements: icons, icons, covers, etc., that attracts more cheap Youtube subscribers.

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Imagine that someone came to visit you. From how individually the channel is designed, how accurately the design corresponds to the chosen direction, it will depend on whether they pay attention to you or not, whether they want to return.

YouTube channel promotion: 10 life hacks

Life hack 1: YouTube channel cover is the author’s calling card.

Cover resolution options range from 2560 x 423 pixels for computers to 1546 x 423 pixels for mobile devices. The 1546 x 423 pixel area of ​​the screen is the “safe area” that is displayed on any device, so important information should be centered on the screen. You can choose an image for the cover in several ways, the simplest is to download a picture from image services. To make the cover unique, you can order from a designer or use web services to create covers: YTolor, MIR-DEVIL, CRELLO. After the cover is ready, it remains to enter the necessary information into the “safe zone” and complete the cover design. Next, upload the finished cover to the channel.

Life hack 2: choosing an icon for the video page and promoting the YouTube channel.

YouTube channel icon YouTube video hosting

YouTube channel icon – a miniature image or avatar located under the player. Further, it will be visible in all comments, subscriptions and search results, so take your choice seriously. For a company – use a logo. For the rest, you can have a personal photo or other image that meets the administrative requirements of the video hosting.

The file format is accepted without animation in JPG, BMP or PNG formats. For icons, you need photos with a good resolution, in the form of a circle or square, with a pixel size of 800×800.

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Life hack 3: YouTube channel playlist.

YouTube video promotion is all about structuring the content. In order for a person who has ended up on a YouTube channel to easily and freely navigate the proposed material, he needs to be grouped. The functions of organizing videos on a channel are played by playlists. The word “play list” means “playlist”. It is much more convenient for the user to navigate in the search for the necessary information if it is arranged in folders.

Creating a YouTube playlist is pretty simple:

On the main page, go to the Creative Studio of your channel. On the left, select the Playlists section and open. Click on the New playlist button. Enter the name of the playlist containing the key phrase.

Next, we set up privacy:

Choose the most suitable out of 3 options (open, by links, limited). Click on the Create button. On the screen that appears, go to Settings, and select one of the 3 tabs (main, auto-add, co-authors).

The settings are complete, you can proceed to the stage of adding a video to the playlist.

Remember that promoting YouTube videos with open access will allow you to make the most of your monetization.

Life hack 4: managing sections on a YouTube channel.

One more thing affects the promotion of the YouTube channel – the organization of the sections. This helps to make the channel more attractive to visitors, as sections make it possible to sort the video material and promote the videos that are most important for the author. Thanks to the sections, viewers find content that interests them. Creating a section is pretty simple.

It is enough to enable the channel settings:

In the menu, select “Navigation settings”. Click “Add section”. In the “Content” section, select the type of content. In the “Layout” menu, select the layout of the content (horizontal or vertical). Click “Finish”.

Channel types are available on the channel. You can use up to 10 sections (videos, playlists, channels, actions, etc.).

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Life hack 5: trailer is the main navigator of the YouTube channel

A blogger can use another type of YouTube promotion – a trailer. This is a short video for those who haven’t signed up yet. It shows what content is on the channel. The peculiarity of the trailer is that it does not contain ads. The viewer will evaluate the channel without interference and decide on a subscription. A must for a trailer is a motivation for action. But note that there is no trailer feature on mobile devices.

To upload a trailer to a channel, you must:

Download the relevant video. Enable “channel overview”. Go to the “For new viewers” tab. Select “Channel Trailer”. Don’t forget to Save.

When creating a trailer, remember:

It is better to make short and capacious videos; a long video about an unfamiliar channel will not interest the visitor. Try to grab the viewer’s attention from the first seconds. Use visual content, not verbal content.

The welcome video promotes the video on YouTube, which means an increase in the number of subscribers and the popularity of the YouTube channel.

How to optimize videos for YouTube.

If earlier YouTube promoted videos that received more clicks, now the viewing time is taken into account. Now YouTube algorithms are promoting videos that have been watched until the last minute. Then they show more people for the relevant keywords.

Video promotion is also influenced by:

the presence of links to your other videos in the video; the presence of playlists on the channel; viewers’ reactions – comments, likes, subscriptions; correctly filled metadata (titles, descriptions, tags).

Remember that the nuances of optimization directly affect the promotion of a video on YouTube.

Optimize videos before uploading.

For a successful download, pay attention to the YouTube recommendations that you will find on the site in free access. If you set up the promotion of a video on YouTube for free, we recommend adding a key phrase to the title of the video, and YouTube will understand which audience is interested in your topic.

Life hack 6: setting up a video before uploading

setting up a video before uploading YouTube channel

First, you need to configure the basic parameters.

To show the video to an audience without restrictions, set open access in the “Privacy Settings”. Create a “Playlist”, replenish it with new videos and check if auto-adding works. Choose one of the “Category” that better describes the subject matter of the content. Turn on “Comments” to get feedback and dialogue with users. Video embedding helps a lot, since it helps. anyone can post it on third-party resources. More people will see your video. It is necessary to indicate “Location” to personalize the search results. Be sure to specify the “Video Language” – this will help YouTube automatically configure subtitles. You can edit them later.

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Life hack 7: writing and optimizing the video title

Without an attractive title, views will be scanty and video promotion on YouTube will be ineffective. Limit the length of the title – no more than 100 characters. Make a short and descriptive title, using keywords and revealing the content of the video. If you use the word “video” in the title, it will increase the chances of being featured in Google.

Life hack 8: writing and optimizing the video description

Snippet – a fragment of the video description. This is the very beginning of the description, about 150 characters long, that tells what your video is about. For Google, YouTube and social media, the short description is 100 characters or more. For a detailed description, 5000 characters are given, so it is better to include keywords at the very beginning – this will make the content clearer.

There is an important point affecting the promotion of a YouTube channel. When opening a video, users see the first paragraph (150 description characters). If the description does not catch on and does not make you want to watch the video, the user will leave.

At the start, it is better to make short videos, breaking them down into topics. Keywords in the title will speed up your YouTube channel promotion and help you get additional traffic from Google.

Parameters of the ideal video for a beginner:

Title – the key query “How to keep accounting”, “How to choose a down jacket”, etc. The length of the video is 2 minutes 54 seconds.

When uploading long videos, use the following tricks:

Subtitles – textual description of the audio track. Timestamps are time codes. Users will be able to immediately jump to the part of the video of interest.

Life hack 9: setting the default video download

Setting the “default settings” helps to significantly reduce the download time of new videos, especially when you download at regular frequency. To set the parameters, you need to go to the “Creative Studio”, select the channel and then the default settings for the added videos. When adding a new video, the specified parameters will be set automatically.

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Life hack 10: video icon design

A distinctive video icon determines the promotion of a video on YouTube. To attract viewers, make your icons bright, contrasting and sharp, with a resolution of at least 640×360, an aspect ratio of 16: 9. The image or composition should be of high quality and should not have a lot of text or color (3-4 palettes norm). Separate the foreground and background clearly so that they don’t blend or overlap.

The icon should look good, both large and small, and convey the content of the video. Use all possible ways to promote YouTube, like buying Youtube views.

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