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Social Media: A Marvel Of Technology Impacting People’s Lives

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Social Media is by far one of the best creations of technology. It is the perfect example of how technological innovation can result in creating wonders that have the power to impact people’s lives. Social Media applications have a different vibe connected to them. The vibe is positive and it makes us feel confident. Social Media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Connected India, etc., are being used by millions of users daily. While many users visit various social media applications just for entertainment purposes, there are many who come here to get updated.

There are more than a thousand reasons why a person uses social media platforms. As you all know, social media applications are primarily social networking platforms that allow people from all around the globe to socialize with each other and make new friends. Social Media allows people to express their feelings in front of society. You would come across so many celebrities who have got fame and rose to success just because of Social Media Applications. In this article, we will be discussing such benefits of social media applications. Towards the end of this article, you will also understand how social media has some negative impacts too. Let us begin.

Benefits of Social Media

An Interactive User-Interface

Applications like Facebook and Connected India have such amazing user interfaces. The way these applications are developed is the main reason behind their success. Right from sending messages to your loved ones to sharing thousands of photos and videos, social media applications allow users to do anything creative they want to do using the features. Who would have ever thought that clicking your picture and sharing it with the world would be possible? Well, technological innovation made it possible.

Nowadays we can’t just share our images or videos but use them to impact people’s lives in a positive way. A person who is living a stressful life, watching a humorous video would bring a smile on his face. That’s the power of these Social Media applications for you.

A Guide/Mentor For Students

Benefits of social media for students social media

Young students who are completely focused on shaping their future require a constant source of motivation. More than motivation, they require a mentor or a resource that can guide them correctly to achieve what they have planned for their future. Social Media Applications offer these students a platform that allows them to get guidance or information on all the topics. Whether it is choosing the best career option, study material for exams, or anything else, Social Media applications never fail to impress the students with the seamless knowledge they hold.

A Consumer Market

Apart from helping students and other individuals, Social Media applications offer the best kind of consumer market to all the companies and even to the start-ups who are new in this field. These applications enjoy millions of users on a daily basis and most of them are there to search for a product or brand. Hence if things are executed properly, companies can easily promote their products through these platforms and enjoy thousands of sales in a day.

The Ill Effects of Social Media

Social Media though has many benefits, however, there are some drawbacks to it as well

Now as we mentioned above, let us discuss a major drawback concerned with Social Media applications.

These applications are resulting in addiction among the youth. The youth of our country is getting addicted to these social media applications. Students are spending most of their time looking at videos, videos, and doing fun activities rather than focusing much more on their future.

It can be said that the so cringe content in most of these applications is the reason behind this. However, it also depends on a person as to how he uses something.

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