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5 Best Cannabis Social Networks for Business in 2020

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A recent medical study reveals that cannabis contains medical properties that offer solutions for certain health disorders. It is illegal to possess cannabis in many countries. At the same time, there are some nations that approve cannabis products to get relief from pains and other problems. However, businesses that sell cannabis items don’t have access to promote them on common social media platforms. There are several cannabis social networks that allow businesses to share information about their projects and products with ease. It is advisable to evaluate them online which can help make a better decision.

1. WeedLife


WeedLife is a topmost social media network meant for cannabis enthusiasts and businesses to sell their products with ease. The platform is a user-friendly one and also features a mobile app for all mobile phones. It features a news based channel that will allow businesses to share videos, photos, and other things. In addition to that, the social media network allows cannabis users to know about the latest updates when they want to buy a product.

2. Weedable


Weedable is another social platform that allows cannabis businesses to post content and other details without any difficulties. It provides ways to follow and interact with others as soon as possible. Another thing is that the platform enables users to browse the items and order them in simple steps. Apart from that, it makes feasible ways for cannabis lovers and enthusiasts to share important information with peers.

3. Duby


Duby is one of the best social media sites dedicated to cannabis lovers. The platform is a mobile app and users should download the same from Google Play or App Store. In fact, it is a combination of popular apps such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder. It allows users to view videos and browse the content of other users with ease. Businesses can utilize the platform for promoting their products and brands with unique ideas.

4. CannaSOS

CannaSOS is a social media platform that works like a directory. It covers the database of cannabis dispensaries and products which allow users to choose them accordingly. Moreover, it paves ways to create and run advertisements for a business that can help to reach more people.

5. LeafWire

Leaf wire

LeafWire is one of the best cannabis social networks that allow businesses to connect with potential investors and partners. The platform even enables users to catch up with the latest news and details of products quickly.

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