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RVmagnetics: This Contactless Microwire Sensors’ Sole Manufacturer Is Stepping Up The Measurements Game!

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RVmagnetics is a company of research & development experts from the measurement industry. They present their design and discoveries—the most miniature passive sensor in the world, the MicroWire. The scope of their work lies in the prototyping and customization of measurement solutions for customers’ particular requests.

Based in Kosice, Slovakia, EU, the company was established in 2015. So far, it has 16 employees and is still growing. Founded by Prof. Rastislav Varga, who also acts as the company’s Chief Technology Officer, the business is making quite a mark in its respective industry. Prof. Rastislav Varga is a world-renowned expert in the field of magnetism and magnetic substances, specializing in magnetic microwires.

He is a member of the European Magnetic Society and the European Physical Society. Owing to his expertise and reputation, he is regularly invited to the most important conferences in the field of magnetism (25 + invited talks at international conferences) and has more than 200+ publications, including more than 2000 citations (Web of Science Scopus).

Since 2015, as the Technical Leader and CTO of the company, Prof. Varga has managed to help all the scientists from different backgrounds “speak the same language” when creating a new solution. Over 70% of the company’s team is part of the R&D department. Most of the R&D members hold Ph. D.s in diverse technical subjects from MicroWire technology to chemistry, physics, electronics, electromechanics, engineering, and industrial design.

“At RVmagnetics, we believe that accessing the very local information physically and “mining” this real-time data from a local environment with a sensor – can improve manufacturing processes or lifetime performance of a product, help avoid and predict errors, and identify issues that are otherwise not possible to achieve (especially within the same time frames and accuracy).”

USP of the technology: “We are the sole manufacturers of our MicroWire sensors, thin and elastic like human hair. They need no physical connection to provide measurements (based on magnetic principles); thus, we can provide contactless, real-time data from otherwise inaccessible physical locations.”

The composite materials industry is one of the leading markets for the company’s innovative products. Additionally active in the electric motors and rechargeable batteries industries—be it aerospace, automotive, Civil Engineering, industrial manufacturing, etc.—microwire sensors can help monitor the structural integrity of a material, process, or part of the application that the company strives to address better.

Technology behind the microwire sensors industrial manufacturing rvmagnetics

The company has signed over 100 NDAs, a number of them with Fortune 500 companies.
RVmagnetics is looking for adopters of its innovative products, expanding its client base as integrators, strategic partners, and investors. The most success is achieved when the RVmagnetic partners have a defined use case to productize RV’s fully developed technology for their application and see the project through to the commercialization stage.

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