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Strategic Partnerships For Play-to-earn Balances The Playing Field For The Collection Of AI Data With Big Tech

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The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve major problems worldwide is extensive. Each month, the sector discovers something more remarkable than the last crypto coins. The increasing excitement for AI around the globe is driving the demand for associated training datasets, including play-to-earn balances. People are dying to get their hands on good training data, which would help improve a model’s capacity to make accurate decisions.

The common limiting factor is the difficulty of obtaining suitable datasets. Giant tech corporations seem to be holding on to the massive amount of information collected by their systems. Due to this, the data market is exceptionally costly. As a result, the number of AI-related projects is lower than average.

Synesis One Has A Better Plan

Synesis One (SNSOne), the first recognized distributed autonomous organization (DAO) in the world, has taken a unique interest in AI training. It aims to provide a lasting solution to the never-ending data limitations stifling the growth of AIs.

SNSOne offers users the ability to develop personal datasets that can be used for artificial intelligence projects. Additionally, users will be able to link each dataset to an NFT. The dataset, which has been converted to a nonfungible token, can now be accessed easily because it has been decentralized. What’s more, all users will be awarded for completing the data contribution tasks. This way, you own the dataset and also get rewarded for creating it when other projects make use of embedded AI and its dataset.

Synesis One is a new concept that aims to bridge the gap in the market. It plans to eliminate the high cost of datasets using the Solana data use case. The team is tirelessly working on launching crucial deals that could make artificial intelligence a data use case.

P2E Games

Synopsis One is partnering with Yield Guild Games (YGG) and Mind AI to establish an interactive AI system. The team will use natural language inference for this project. 10% of all revenue will be shared with users.

This project is a cool way of exploiting the benefits of play-to-earn games. India’s revenue is generated from offering AI customer and web integration services to business clients. The platform uses a SaaS model to receive its revenues. All enterprise clients on this platform pay a recurring charge to Mind AI every time their software connects with the platform’s engine.

Mind AI currently boasts some of the biggest enterprise clients in the space, including Villa Market.

Villa Market is a Thailand-based international e-commerce platform with over 30 branches in the region. This client generates a yearly income of about $300 million worldwide. Mind AI plans to provide services to at least 30 other large clients this year. Imagine the number of rewards users could receive once this is done. The way the AI platform is designed shows that the more a partner’s revenues, the more benefits there are for users and dataset creators.

More Juicy Details

Synesis One is building on this initial collaboration to establish a deeper relationship with YGG. This second partnership will create a decentralized P2E game guild with sub-days embedded within.

Play-to-earn balances

The Yield Guild Game is a relatively new platform co-owned by Gabby Dizon and the Owl of Moistness. In its first year of existence, YGG has actively invested in at least 20 games using Axie Infinity Scholars. YGG and SNSOne’s collaborations will enable gamers to receive SNS tokens as rewards. Gamers will be able to convert these digital assets into non-fungible tokens or fiat currencies. It would also be a sensible plan to retain the tokens long-term.

Paul Lee, the co-founder of Synesis One, lauded the partnership as a medium to express the potential of P2E games for AI data training. He said this collaboration more or less creates a level playing field for data collection without relying on giant tech corporations and their AI systems.

So far, so good. Everything has been panning out well. The entire ecosystem is excited about the new prospects for improving the existing ecosystem while establishing better digital wealth generation schemes for gamers on the platform.

The project is currently supported by GBIC, NGC Ventures, OCEAN Protocol, LD Capital, MetaCartel, Culture Capital, and Shima Capital. Notable leading investors like Alex Alexandrov of Coin Payments and Pisit Poosanakhom of Villa Market have commended the project.

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