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Proven Ways to Cut Costs & Lower Your Business Expenses

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As a business owner, one of the main tasks you are going to face is trying to make your business more profitable. While there are many ways you can approach this task, the one that’s almost always certain to yield results is cutting costs and lowering your business expenses. However, the challenging part is effectively reducing your costs without jeopardizing the quality of your products and services. So, to help you out, today we are going to take a look at some proven ways to cut costs and lower your business expenses.

Make use of modern technology

One of the best ways to reduce the unnecessary costs of your business is to implement modern technologies that will allow you to save time and make all of the processes within your business more efficient and thus less costly. From power boards that help you reduce your electricity bill to adopting a paperless business policy, the ways in which modern technology can allow you to save money on almost all aspects of your business are endless. While adopting modern technologies does require a certain investment, the benefits of owning it, in the long run, are undeniable. Additionally, as most of these technologies allow for more efficient use of energy and resources, they also reduce the negative impact your business can have on the environment which is becoming an ever-increasing problem.

Reduce travel costs

Reduce travel costs

Even though we’ve gained the ability to constantly be connected with people all over the world through the power of the internet, people still prefer to handle serious business face to face. Because of this, many companies have to send their employees on business trips which tend to stack up quite the cost. The first and most important step when trying to save on business travels is to plan ahead. Unless your employees need to go on urgent trips, you will likely have plenty of time on your hands to organize whatever they might need on their trip. This will allow you to find better deals on things such as plane tickets or even hotel rooms which can be significantly cheaper if booked in advance. However, there are also more permanent ways to reduce your travel costs whenever they occur. For example, using a petrol credit card can substantially decrease the amount of money you need to spend on fuel, and making deals with a certain hotel franchise can reduce costs when your employees stay with them. 

Lower supply costs

Just like with any other business, the costs associated with acquiring new supplies are the ones you almost certainly can’t do away with. However, if you have the time and resources to take a deeper look at your supply costs, you will find there are numerous ways to lower them. For example, if you purchase your supplies from a few different suppliers, you can try seeing if one of them offers the same things as the other two and lower the number of suppliers you use. This will make it more likely that the supplier you stick with will offer you straight-up better deals or discounts on the supplies you are purchasing. In fact, you most likely don’t even need to focus on one supplier, as most will give you a discount if you have a good relationship and ask for it. However, be ready to return the favor if they need anything later down the road. Alternatively, you can just start looking around for products that cost less but are of similar quality. Even if you aren’t too successful in finding any, when your current suppliers find out you are considering a change, they may even offer to reduce your prices on their own.


If someone can do something more efficiently and at a lower price than you, why do it yourself? In recent years, outsourcing has become a very popular way for a business to cut costs. In fact, 59% of all companies that outsource said the reason they did it was primarily as a cost-cutting tool. Nowadays, you can find a company that can help you outsource almost anything, but by far the most common area for outsourcing is marketing, which is something you may also want to consider. Unless you are really good, coming up with a marketing strategy is a really time-consuming task, one that, more often than not, isn’t worth the invested time. Almost any area of business can be outsourced. So, if you feel like some parts of your business are more costly than they should be, don’t hesitate to look into outsourcing them.


Reducing unnecessary costs in your small business is imperative for its survival and success as it allows you to redirect the wasted resources toward other processes that are more relevant to your business. The ideas listed here are only a few of many you can use but they will definitely help put you on the right track. Remember that the reduction of costs in any business will ultimately be determined by that business’s needs so try to adapt the ideas listed here to your own goals and possibilities in order to get the best possible results.

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