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Home Resource Top 10 Free Online Website Speed Test Tools for 2020

Top 10 Free Online Website Speed Test Tools for 2020

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Website speed test solutions have gained importance in the past few years. mainly because the speed of your site can kill or build your business. The website speed test plays a crucial role in the decisions made by marketers, entrepreneurs, and website developers. It helps them decide on the methods, and the tools used are reliable or not. Also, it helps them judge if their site has a chance of being shown in the top search results of Google, and Bing. Fortunately, the site speed test is not difficult to execute. Here are some of the best site speed tools for you.

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List of website speed test tools

#1 GTmetrix

GTmetrix website analysis tool

GTmetrix is a premier choice in the list of best speed test tools. This is a straightforward solution, where you enter then URL and select analysis. The overall user interface of this solution is simple. The interface elicits confidence and trust. Page speed numbers will help you gain a better context about which page in your site is doing well or bad.

#2 WebPageTest


This is a trust destination for speed testing. In this platform, you will be able to create customized settings. Also, the tool can be configured based on your browser, and location. If required, you can order the speed test for multiple runs too.

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#3 PageSpeed Insight

PageSpeed Insight

This is a solution offered by Google. Once against, the tool is extremely simple to use. It comes in mobile and desktop versions. The results are generated with color codes. This means you will immediately know if the website page is performing well or not.

#4 Pingdom

Pingdom Website Speed Test tool

Pingdom helps users test their sites in four different locations. This means you can decide how fast the site opens based on different geolocations. The results are carefully broken down with performance details. The waterfall model makes it easier to decode this tool.

#5 DareBoost


At first sight, this might appear like every other website speed test tool. However, it is a little more interesting and tricky. To use the free account, you need to sign up. Once you sign up and log in – you will have access to many visual representations that will help you learn more about the performance of your site.

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#6 Website Speed Test

Website Speed Test

This is more or less an image analysis tool. Most modern sites are loaded with images. It is important to understand how long each image in your site takes to load. This is one of the best speed test tools for handling images.

#7 SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup

This website speed test tool adheres to a holistic approach. It focuses on the overall health of the website while taking into consideration factors that can influence performance and search ranks. The report generated by the tool is absolutely simple to read and act upon.

#8 Site 24×7

Site 24x7

The primary goal of this site speed test tool would be to evaluate the overall performance of the server. Results from this inspection is related to the speed of the website. Integrating third-party administrator tools becomes quite simple with this solution.

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#9 Dotcom-tools.com


If you wish to understand how the time required to load your site differs from one location to another – this website speed test tool will be apt for you. You will be able to contextualize the actual location of the users, and their experience with your site.

#10 UpTrends


Finally, you can make use of UpTrends. This solution is quite different from the rest. It generates a good amount of domain group data. With this data, you can figure out the domains accessed by your website. Once again, you will be offered a detailed waterfall graph with all the information you want to see.

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