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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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5 Proven and Tested Things Every Small Business Owner Can Do to Increase Their Website Traffic

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Regardless of the business in question, every business owner wants to increase website traffic quickly. Regardless of if a website is new or seven years old, if a business owner has never looked into how to get more traffic, the chances of a website being found are low. Some tips can be used to help increase website traffic, which can be found here.



1. Use PPC Ads

While using the SEO services from Appiloque is one way to increase web traffic, another is to look into PPC (pay per click) ads. When done properly, PPC is a fast way to increase web traffic. These are ads that are paid for by a business.

Over 50 percent of all website traffic is going to come through a search engine. This means it’s a great place to be for increasing web traffic. Almost half of all query results will include ads, and if a business isn’t advertising here, their competition is.

2. Use Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads for small business owners

Social media ads are very similar to PPC ads. The primary difference is that the business is using data the social media platform has gathered to ensure ads are sent to the right people. Most business owners wonder why social media should be used.

There are over three million people around the globe using social media, with 50 percent of people using Facebook every day.


3. Boosted Posts

If a business owner has a post that did well with their social media fans, they can do the most of it by boosting it. When the ad is boosted, it is going to reach more people who are interested in the services or products being offered. Remember, it’s only a good idea to boost a post if it was popular and make sure the post directs them to the website.

4. Social Media Posts

If a company has a following on social media already, this can be a great and affordable way to increase website traffic quickly. However, it’s necessary to invest time in this effort. If a company doesn’t yet have a following, it’s time to begin building it.

By doing this, it’s possible to see the rewards of an audience instantly when a business has something relevant to share.


5. Permission-Based Email Marketing

Email Marketing

When trying to figure out the right way to increase website traffic quickly, the method that is going to work best depends on what tools are available. Some methods are more cost-effective. One is email marketing.

An email subscriber is three-time more likely to share content with other people. Up to 88 percent of all retail marketers have said that email is the best way to retain and keep customers coming back.

Increasing Traffic: Knowing What Works

When it comes to increasing web traffic, there are more than a few ways to achieve this goal. Be sure to try the tips here to find out what works and what doesn’t. Remember, increasing web traffic isn’t a one-time effort.

This is something that a business has to repeatedly invest in to see ongoing results. If a company isn’t sure they have the time or ability to do this on their own, they should hire a third-party service provider to help with it.


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