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Top Life Science Startup Companies

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According to BioSpace, there are some startup companies that are focusing their businesses in life science. These startup companies are offering the best services for all clients in this industry. In this article, we are going to discuss several companies that are already creating an enormous impact on the life science industry. They have already made some great achievements and impacts on the life science environment. You can take a look at the best life science companies from this article now. All of these startup companies are located in the United States.

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1. Allogene Therapeutics

This is a new startup company that was just launched in 2018. It is located in South San Francisco, California. The company itself focuses on creating the best off-shelf CAR-T products. Pfizer has about 25 percent of stake in this company. This company is a biotechnology company that starts developing the allogeneic chimeric antigens receptor T cell called AlloCAR T therapy. This therapy is believed to be very effective to deliver the best therapy for all cancer patients. This therapy is already approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as one alternative for treating cancer patients. This company is still growing well while offering a lot of great products in the life science industry.

2. Gossamer Bio

Many people are trying so hard to learning about how to improve their immune systems in their bodies. Immunology becomes very popular among many people who want to stay healthy every day. Because of this reason, this company is created to help people who want to become healthy in their daily life. Gossamer Bio focuses on several areas, including immunology, fibrosis, inflammation, and also Immuno oncology areas. There are some therapies that are still studied in this company. These therapies are very useful to be used in the immunology area in today’s world. There are some competent experts who are working behind this company.


3. Viela Bio

This is another popular startup company that focuses on life science. It is located in Gaithersburg, MD. The company is working on helping people with severe inflammation and also autoimmune diseases. There are some products and therapies that are created by this Viela Bio company for helping all patients. Its procedure is mainly targeting shared critical pathways that may occur in the body. One of the most popular products from this company is called ibalizumab. It is currently in the second phase for treating neuromyelitis optic. This is a rare condition that may occur on the optic nerve and also spinal cord.

4. SpringWorks Therapeutics

This startup company has already been working with some famous investors, including Pfizer, OrbiMed, and Bain Capital. SpringWorks is located in New York. This company has rights to 4 clinical storage treatments from Pfizer. Its drug candidate, nirogacestat, has already been approved by the US FDA for treating desmoid tumors. SpringWorks also makes a partnership with some foundations and hospitals, including the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation, Cohen Veterans Bioscience, Boston Children’s Hospital, University of California Davis, BeiGene, etc.


5. Ambys Medicines

Ambys was launched in 2018 with a total investment of $60 million. This company was founded by Takeda and Third Rock Ventures. As a part of the launch, Ambys also has a good partnership with Takeda company with an additional $80 million commitment to funding the research. This company focuses on treating patients with liver disease. There are some treatments that are offered by this company, including cell therapy that can be used for hepatocyte transplantation, drug therapy for replacing lost protein function, and also gene therapy for regenerating liver cells.


6. Compass Therapeutics

This startup company is located in Cambridge, MA. It was launched in 2018 with a total of $49 million financing. This company was founded by some popular companies, including OrbiMed Advisors, F-Prime Capital, Ulysses Holdings, Biomatics Capital, Cowen Healthcare Investment, Alexandria Ventures Investment, Biomed Realty Venture, and some other companies. Currently, Compass Therapeutics has more than 15 therapeutic candidates that are processing to the preclinical programs. These therapies are very useful to treat some dangerous diseases, such as cancer, autoimmune, or inflammation diseases that may occur on our body. Compass Therapeutics is still developing some new products and treatments that are useful for everyone now.

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