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Upcoming Robotics Startup Companies in India: 2020

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Robotics is not a new phenomenon! It has been around for centuries. However, the demand for sophisticated robots and automated solutions has become more prominent in the past few years. The scope of this industry has increased so much. Today, you will find a robot in every manufacturing and healthcare institution. With this being said, here are few interesting robotic startup companies in India. These companies are likely to spread a great message and engage in some serious work in 2020.

1. Asimov Robotics

Asimov robotics robotics

Have you come across this startup company? Asimov is a reputed service provider in automation and robotics. They offer consultancy services and have engineered so many impressive solutions. This company’s primary focus is on training, simulation, robotic control, navigation apps, and virtual reality. What makes Asimov Robotics special would be its focus on customer care and support. They have plenty of expertise in this domain. And, they always work towards reducing risks, ensuring quality and maximizing profits.

If you want to venture into robotics and automation in India, Asimov Robotics is a great place to begin your quest.

2. DiFacto Robotics and Automation

Difacto robotics and automation difacto robotics

Over the years, DiFacto has become a pioneer in various industries. Whether it is food, automotive, energy or transportation – you will find a DiFacto solution. This is because the company has produced many effective solutions.

Common customers of this company are from manufacturing industries. The company has delivered many line builders, system integrators, robots, and automated machinery.

DiFacto is famous for its efficient products and affordable quotes.

3. GreyOrange

Greyorange robotic systems

A lot of people (even those in the industry) are unaware of GreyOrange. This is an MNC located in India. The company takes pride in delivering solutions in robotic systems, manufacturing, and design. You will find a GreyOrange solution in many fulfillment and distribution centers. Of course, their expertise in automation and robotics cannot be forgotten. The company works with many talented software and hardware developers. These professionals ensure that GreyOrange solutions are 100% functional and flawless.

4. I2U2

I2u2 robotic startup companies in india

When you search for robotic startup companies in India, you are bound to come across this one! This is a telepresence robotic firm. The device is compatible with most smartphones. Whether you are using a Windows, Apple or Android device, you can rely on i2u2.

5. MilaGrow


Last but certainly not least, you have MilaGrow. This robotics company was founded in the year 2007. It aims in help medium and small-sized businesses. It engages in home automation and robots for enhanced mobility.

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