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Top Free Calendar and Booking Software for Small Businesses

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One of the biggest challenges for every business owner and entrepreneur is to stay organized. For the thriving of their business, they need to focus on lead generation, nurture the current leads, and also coordinate with the existing clients. On top of this, they need to organize various meetings, manage virtual client calls, one-to-one meetings, collaborative meetings, webinars, and more.

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To stay ahead in the competition, they need to manage their teams and ensure that their leads and clients are on the same page. But, in between their busy schedule, they may miss out on any important appointments. One solution to avoid such a situation is a calendar app. A calendar app will ensure that they do not miss any of their appointment and also help to book meetings effortlessly and without any hassle.

Now, let us look at the list and find out which are the best calendar and appointment scheduling apps for small businesses. Stay on top of your schedule with these free calendar and booking software.

1. Kennected Calendar

Kennected Calendar is one of the best appointment schedule tools, which will enable you to book meetings on autopilot and make the scheduling process simple. With Kennected Calendar, you do not have to spend running around to book an appointment with your leads and customers. Instead, with the simple and easy-to-use appointment scheduling features of Kennected, you can book appointments from any place.

Kennected Calendar can be synced with your Google calendar, thus avoiding any chases of overlapping and double booking. With Kennected Calendars’ cloud backup, you can access your calendar and schedule meetings from anywhere and at any time. It can also be integrated with various CRMs and some online meeting channels.

Kennected Calendar not just allows you to book appointments, but also allows your leads to book appointments at their own pace. This feature makes it a convenient tool not only for businesses but also for prospects and customers. It allows syncing with different time zones, enabling you to coordinate with people across the globe.

The best part of this appointment app is that you do not need a credit card. You can get started for free. This feature makes it one of the best calendar software for small business that has a limited budget.

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2. SimplyBook.me

One of the most outstanding appointment booking software that enables you to book meetings in 32 languages. With this app, there is less chance for you to miss any appointments as reminders will be sent to the staff’s and the client’s email regarding the booking, cancelling, or rescheduling of a meeting. It accepts payment via PayPal, Stripe, cash, and various other payment channels. Also, you can find many templates based on your industry and job role.

SimplyBook me Booking Software

With its outstanding functionalities and affordable price plans, it is one of the most versatile cloud-based appointment booking services that are suitable for all businesses regardless of their size and industry.

3. Calendly

One of the intuitive scheduling tools working for more than 50,000 companies. With Calendly, you can make the task of scheduling meetings hassle-free.  It provides various collaboration and administrative control features. It can be integrated with various other platforms like Zoom, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, and more. By creating a customized meeting link, you can invite your clients or staff to pick a date and time that are convenient for them for a meeting. Based on the conditions you set, it will automatically route to the correct meeting and people.

Its various functionalities like round-robin, collective, and one-on-one meetings make it an appointments scheduling app with more than 10 million users across the world.

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4. HubSpot Meetings

HubSpot is one of the best CRM platforms that offer various solutions to the sales, marketing, and customer service department of your business. But it also offers an appointment booking solution called HubSpot Meetings. It has various features like contact tools, sales funnels, and email trackers which will make the booking much easier. With HubSpot’s own CRM tool, this is one of the best booking tools with a lot of features.

5. Acuity

Acuity will work as your personal assistant and will ensure that you do not miss any appointments. With this customized scheduling app, your clients can see your real-time availability. They can then self-schedule the time which is feasible for both the parties. Businesses and entrepreneurs can manage the calendar, thus giving them the power to decide what they want to show the clients. This will give you flexibility and allows you to make schedules that will work for you.

Acuity also offers auto-adjust for times zones, thus enabling the prospects and the current clients to easily cancel and reschedule meetings. It will send reminders and follow-ups automatically to keep the prospects prompt.

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6. Doodle

Doodle is a user-friendly appointment scheduling tool that will enable you to set a meeting with your team as well as set a one-on-one meeting. With this tool, you will not have to waste time on scheduling meetings; instead, you can focus on collaboration. Since it is synced with your calendar; it will ensure that there is no overlap and you do not double book. It also enables you to share your availability with your clients, thus avoiding the need for emailing back and forth to schedule a meeting. Moreover, the tool is integrated with other tools like Zoom, Google meet, or Webex. You can also provide a link to a video meeting in every scheduled meeting.

Doodle also allows you to send a poll for meetings and clients can answer them regarding their availability. With all these functionalities and free trials for all of them, no wonder it is a trusted meeting scheduling app by more than 30 million users.

Booking appointments and scheduling meeting is a tedious task. Finding everyone’s availability and ensuring that all of them are on the same page is extremely difficult. So, try any of these tools and make your appointment booking easy and hassle-free.

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