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The 6 Best Calendar Apps

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You may be experiencing a tough time trying to organize daily schedules. Fortunately, there are launched several popular calendar apps using which you will be able to enhance your productivity. Planning should be proper to complete your work on time. It is common to forget things, even vital ones due to last moment rush. Why rely on your memory alone when you can easily install one of the best calendar apps available to download?

Why use schedule app?

They can help schedule meetings, tasks, customer calls and events in advance. This allows you to have greater control over work. The digital space is filled with several calendar apps claiming to be the best! Which one should you select to improve your work productivity? Find something that fits perfectly your specific work requirements as a freelancer, entrepreneur or manager.

List of best calendar apps

1. Google Calendar:

Google calendar best calendar app

It allows you to create multiple calendars within a single app using your Google/Gmail account. Every other SaaS (cloud) application can be integrated with this app. Android devices including phones use it as their default (official) calendar. It offers ease of use, provides integrations in hundreds. Some key features are:

2. nTask:

Ntask calender app

It helps streamline activities, tasks, risks, issues and projects within its well integrated in-app calendar. It also offers enhanced workflow management and end-to-end tasks, thereby allowing you to become super-productive. You can have better control over your tasks, events and meeting with this calendar. You can with great ease initiate and schedule the calendar process. It is easy to understand and use. Key features offered are:

  • real-time task update
  • Develop meeting agenda
  • Video/Audio call features and much more.

3. HubSpot Meetings:

Hubspot meetings calendar apps

This scheduling tool allows users to derive custom booking link. It can be shared through email to invite others to view their book time and availability. As someone initiates a meeting, it gets added automatically to the Outlook or Google Calendar and then sent to free HubSpot CRM. Key features are:

  • Operates on iOS, Android and web
  • Office 365 and Google integration
  • Calendar can be embedded on your site
  • Custom booking page and booking link

4. Outlook Calendar:

Outlook calendar ms outlook calendar

Outlook users can now improve their scheduling functionality with MS Outlook Calendar. Being among the best calendar apps, it can be integrated with your emails, contacts including other Outlook features. Develop appointments, events, organize meetings and group schedules. It has easy to use UI and acts like personal task manager. Free version offered can satisfy basic needs. Key features are:

  • Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Web
  • Organize meetings, appointments and events
  • Group schedules
  • Send calendar invites
  • Overlay views

5. do:

Do cal calendar

This schedule app was earlier known as ‘Cal Calendar’ and can be downloaded on almost all imaginable devices. This all-in-one application helps manage your tasks, goals, schedule, reminders and notes. It offers real-time schedule notifications and location-based reminders. Custom colors can also be set for special appointments or events. Key features are:

  • Checklist items
  • Reminders
  • Daily planners
  • Attachments
  • Task coloring

6. Apple Calendar:

Apple calendar schedule app

For all Apple devices, it is the official calendar app. It allows you to update schedule on iPad, iCloud, Mac and iPhone. It also has simple and clean user interface to stay organized and focus on upcoming events. Key features are:

  • Color code change
  • Multiple account management within a single calendar
  • Travel time included to event location
  • Add location to integrate event map

Comparing the list of best calendar apps and getting to know their pros & cons will allow you to make the right selection.

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