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Top Cybersecurity Startups

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Cybersecurity is a famous subject in today’s world. There are many people who need to find the best security system for protecting themselves and their businesses from any threats from the outside. This article is going to cover some of the most popular cybersecurity startup companies that are available on the market. These companies are going to make their mark on everything from identity management to the cloud computing system, in order to detect and respond to any threats immediately. These companies can offer the best solution for any security challenges, for example, cyber threats on the rail networks, internal network attacks, on-premise on the cloud system, and any other threats on the network.



1. Cylus


This is an Israel-based company that is popular among many customers today. This company can help all metro and rail companies to avoid safety incidents caused by cyber-attacks. Its main platform is called the CylusOne. This platform is able to detect any cyber threats in the trackside, control networks, and onboard signaling system. It is able to facilitate effective response before any harm or damage can be done on the system. Cylus is considered one of the best startup companies in the Thales’ cybersecurity program. This company is still growing very rapidly in developing the best security system for all clients.

2. Cymulate

Cymulate is another Israel-based company that focuses its business in the cybersecurity industry. It is supported by Dell Technologies Capital and Vertex Ventures for expanding its operation in the United States. Cymulate is very famous for its security system that can prevent complex security environments for any type of business. This company can offer attack and breach simulation platforms that can be very useful for any organization. The simulation process can be started by using a single click of a button. You will be able to get access to the safest security control mechanism by using this platform.


3. Defendify

There are many features that are offered by this cybersecurity company. This company is based in Portland, Maine. It has a powerful cybersecurity platform that is suitable for all small business owners. You can use this system for securing any small businesses from emerging and existing threats effectively. This platform has an easy-to-use cybersecurity management system for helping all customers. This platform has a user-friendly dashboard that comes with complete reports and insights. Its support system comes with complete resources and recommendations, so you can prevent any cyber-attacks very effectively when using this powerful platform.

4. Edgewise Networks

Edgewise Networks

Edgewise Networks is another famous startup company that focuses its business in this industry. This company is based in Burlington, Massachusetts. Edgewise Networks has two patents from the US  Patent and Trademark Office. These patents cover all key elements for doing automatic micro-segmentation system, in order to enable zero trust security system for any business owners. This company also has a patent for the policy enforcement technology that can enforce the use of fingerprints on the network communication system. Its platform is able to reduce the cuber risks by reducing the network attack surface, improving the time-to-value technology, and enhancing operational efficiency.


5. Fortanix

This company is based on the Mountain View, California. It has the latest beta system for the IBM cloud data shield. This system is able to protect the workloads running on the Cloud Kubernetes Service. This company has a secure encryption technology that can allow all organizations to run data-centric workloads on the cloud securely. You will be able to connect this platform with anything on the cloud, including AI or advanced machine learning systems, analytics, databases, and also blockchain technology.

6. Obsidian Security

Obsidian Security is another popular cybersecurity startup that is available on the market today. This security company is based in Newport Beach, California. Obsidian Security is very famous for its intelligent identity protection system. This system will analyze the user activity, configuration data, and also manage all permissions by using its advanced machine learning system. This platform is very famous for its good security and identity management system. It can be used by any organization that wants to protect all critical assets and users’ information in their databases. The platform is updated regularly, in order to offer the latest security feature for all users.

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