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Top Cybersecurity Companies in the World

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The cybersecurity companies practice encompasses a set of methods employed for safeguarding systems online. It protects software, data, networks, and other devices. Obtaining unauthorized access, changing data, or even extracting victim’s money refers to cyber attacks.

With a list of cybersecurity companies today in the market, you can pick the best that fits your needs. Choosing the best cybersecurity company ensures benefits such as safeguarding customers, reducing site going down possibility, boosting productivity, and acquiring customer confidence. Nevertheless, the truth is only few companies give amazing service.

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List of cybersecurity companies

1. McAfee

McAfee CyberSecurity Company

McAfee emerged in 1987 as cloud and cyber Security Company. The location of McAfee is in Santa Clara, California. It offers security solutions and works to safeguard clouds, networks, computers, endpoints, viruses, malware, and other threats. You also can benefit with McAfee cybersecurity solutions and enjoy data protection.

2. Cisco

Cisco biggest cybersecurity companies

Cisco is one of the biggest cybersecurity companies. It has its office in Santa Clara and came into existence in 1984. It offers threat protection and network security. Cisco also specializes in the internet of all things, energy management, and domain security. The company gives security solutions for the entire business including cloud threat intelligence, cloud security, threat incident response, advanced malware protection, next generation firewalls, and email security.

The roots of Cisco are well-expanded and it fulfills the necessity of storage and security in all levels. Moreover, Cisco has developed an array of security products over these years. It includes intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, malware protection, UM, and cloud protection.

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3. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes Real-time protection

The cybersecurity products of Malwarebytes include their EDR solution. It grows as per the offerings of the feature. It has a real-time protection providing multiple protection layers, an antivirus scanner, and safety from system vulnerabilities. It offers a browser extension offering additional protection from malicious sites, phishing, and online threats.

It is a best cybersecurity company offering good cloud solution and the platform works well with security tools.  It protects your privacy and blocs scams, detects PUPs, ransomware, and viruses. He is 30-day trial for Malwarebytes for Android and Chromebook as premium version free download.

4. IBM Security

IBM Security Cyber security company

IBM Security provides cloud security, incident response platform, and many more cybersecurity solutions. These include SIEM Security Information and Event Management. Though it is not really fast in updates additions, it has good rates by analysts. It is because of the high graded security programs coming up continuously that it has the top product eSecurity lists. IBM Security came into existence in 1994, and the location is in New York, USA. It offers security services and advanced threat intelligence, it concentrates on security solutions for the enterprises.

IBM Security is delivering big data solutions and has earned good recognition. The solutions include incident response and threat hunting. The IBM Security goal is composed of preventing threats, and proving compliance to ensure the growth of your business.

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5. Symantec

Symantec cybersecurity company

Symantec launching was in 1982. It is a threat protection company dedicated on mobile, cloud security, and endpoint. This network security company, Symantec is an industry leader. It is located in Santa Clara and is serving for over 10 years offering primary security categories. It provides security against advanced threat and malware to companies of all sizes and types.

Symantec is also a Fortune 500 Company. It is the biggest cybersecurity companies offering secure web gateways and endpoint protection plans. Symantec products include network security, cybersecurity, cloud security, advanced threat protection, email security, and information protection.

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