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Best 7 Tools to Boost Productivity and Success Among Your Remote Team

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The current pandemic has completed changed how employees work. It has become difficult for businesses to open their doors for fear of losing their talented employees and breaking the government rules. Advanced technology has enabled organizations to adopt the best product management tools for remote team to ensure the smooth functioning of the business.

Know the 7 best tools for remote teams

1. Basecamp


Basecamp is well-known for its elegant usability, clean design and simple functionality. Hence, it is popularly used by agencies, freelancers and managers. This team collaboration and project management software solution helps to communicate with clients and manage projects effectively. It also provides different types of tools and features to organize conversations and share ideas. Moreover, it ensures everyone is aware of what is happening in the project.

2. ProofHub

Proof hub

ProofHub online project management tool is preferred by remote teams across the globe. It helps bring everything within a single place. It also allows seamless interactions among team members and clients. There are numerous features to be explored like discussions, online proofing, remote project management and ‘chat to share’ feedback, etc. This all-in-one remote software should be adopted by teams desiring improved management proficiency level.

3. Troop Messenger

Troop messenger

Troop Messenger compact remote tool is designed for large, medium and small enterprises. It is a low-complexity, high functionality tool meant to address different domain specificities. Using this tool, team members can easily interact through video & audio calling, file & location sharing as well as messaging. Unlimited groups can be created with ease. Admins can add freelancers, suppliers and vendors as orange members with restricted workplace access. Essential apps like Google Drive and Dropbox can be integrated with Troop Messenger. Moreover, it is possible to migrate documents, files and carry out texting.

4. Instagantt


Instagantt powerful tool can help to visually plan, schedule and control projects. This well-built, super intuitive software helps you to create a precise illustration of all your projects. It also ensures effective communication, helps to streamline entire workflow as well as collaborate with team members. It also offers several useful features like ability to design templates, tasks, subtasks for different projects. You can also create baselines, notifications, milestones, guidelines, auto project scheduling and critical path.

5. Soapbox

SoapboxSoapbox shared agenda app enables teams and managers to ensure high performance in the projects. This is achieved by combining engagement measures, weekly meetings and quarterly priorities. Meeting agendas can be set for 1:1s, cross-functional and team meetings. It provides access to 180+ goal examples and 500 conversation starters. The platform allows you to conduct meaningful and productive meetings. Managers are provided with conversation analytics to get employee feedback in real time and know communication blindspots. It integrates with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Chrome, Google Suite, etc.

6. Slack


The slack messaging remote tool is used to communicate among team members, share commend and ideas in real time. It offers instant collaboration and messaging, thereby bringing all your employees within a single application. It also provides native apps designed for Android and iOS, thereby increasing overall functionality.

7. Google Drive

Google drive

Google Drive popularly used cloud storage platform is designed to keep all crucial files at a centralized and secure location. Remote workers can share and store slide presentations, spreadsheets and documents. This software can be used to report weekly metrics. It is also possible to sync Google Drive files across different devices. It allows the individual team members to view as well as update the files from any location without any trouble.

You need to choose the best tools for remote teams that fit your organizational needs. They can help improve business functionality and overall productivity.

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