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Top 7 Digital Asset Management Software solutions In 2022

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For effective customer experience, you do require the best asset management software. Work these days is fast getting digitized and there is no denying this fact. People work with lots of documents, images, PSDs, videos, transcripts, podcast, excel sheets, email attachments, GIFs, PDFs, etc. But where is the location of the PSD file that you received last month through email from your colleague? With so many Dropbox folders, in which you did you keep the sales pitch in? Trying to find them only your productivity as well as that of other employees! It is essential to find the desired information on time and without much hassle.

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Digital Asset Management tools meant for growing business needs

1. Mavenlink:

Mavenlink Digital Asset Management Software

This powerful project delivery tool automates team collaboration, resource planning and project management. It is designed exclusively for service organizations and allows integration of projects, tasks, employees and resources .thus it allows greater transparency as well as effective utilization. Using this tool, you can now have all desired project information and resources at a single place.

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2. Templafy:

Templafy Digital Asset Management Software

It helps maintain uniformity throughout organizational data while managing informational chaos and promotes your online brands. Professionals can develop on-brand, personalized, legally compliant business documents. Company document templates are also kept consistent. This is achieved across presentations, emails, memos, spreadsheets, company materials, contacts and memos. Business documents can be managed shared and updated using a single dashboard, thus diminishing workload significantly. Since it is cloud operated, it can be accessed from anywhere, be it iOS, Android, Windows, Mac including offline.

3. Bynder:

Bynder Digital Asset Management Software

It has user-friendly interface, innovative functionality and top class customer service. Its content management solution is termed to be the leading platform where you can store safely in cloud all digital content. Organizations experiencing change can derive a better platform to manage their product assets, campaigns, brand, etc. consistently. All departments are offered central location for storing brand assets, product and marketing. Thus global users can access it directly, thereby reducing incorrect file and asset usage risk.

4. Swivle:

Swivle Digital Asset Management Software

This cloud-based asset management tool for small businesses with low budge that assures excellent customer experience. It comes with unlimited storage options and great features. Besides asset management, it can replace all cloud service providers effectively. Many non-profits companies also use it. Interesting features offered are private/public portals for asset sharing, intuitive interface, auto tagging via AI, advanced metadata functionalities.

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5. Publitio:

Publitio Digital Asset Management Software

This cloud-based media tool takes care of images, videos, PDFs, etc. It manages delivery, processing and storage of rich-media files. Your media files will be completely secure and safe. Also limit easily access control and file management, changes introduced, views, etc. Customized watermarks options ensures viewers do not use or copy your images without your permission.

6. Google Drive:

Google Drive Digital Asset Management Software

This tool is meant for those solopreneur online brands that do not seek advanced collaboration or management features. You get cloud storage of 15GB where you get to store all media files, spreadsheets and documents. There is provided option for future upgradation of storage space. It also comes with handy, robust smartphone apps.

7. Daminion:

Daminion Digital Asset Management Software

This software has been designed exclusively for teams, allowing them to work using single content repository. File transfers are not necessary through email or cloud since you get to access digital assets from a single place.

The above are the top Digital Asset Management tools that you should look at in 2022.

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