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Top 12 Live Chat Software And Apps For Customer Service

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What is live chat software?

Live chat software is software enabling live chat. It initiates conversation and is customer messaging software. These conversations interact with repeat customers and with first-time visitors while offering full support to existing users.

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Top 12 Live Chat Software and Apps for Customer Service

1. LiveChat

LiveChat best customer support

LiveChat offers the best customer support. Its apps assure functionality and overall ease of use. It is flexible and allows customizing the feel and look of the chat window. The live chat software displays visitors onsite. LiveChat offers essential features such as transcripts, messaging mode, chat transfer, and message sneak peek. It is an option for businesses looking for help centers, live chat, and ticketing solutions.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot Live Chat Software

Anyone looking for HubSpot can enjoy a live chat tool for free. The chat function of HubSpot features free CRM and basic features of live chat to increase conversions and ensure business growth.HubSpot allows the creation chat window, customizing it to match customer expectations and to send visitors a welcome message.

3. Intercom

Intercom Live Chat Software

Intercom is the right choice to work as a Customer service agent. You can enjoy with your customers better relationship. It is a flexible and scalable solution allowing users to communicate in real-time using a mobile app or website. The feature of marketing automation allows the creation of custom actions and attracts more visitors.

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4. Drift

Drift Live Chat Software

Drift is a live chat tool to engage with more website visitors where you have your target audience. The instant messaging feature of Drift lets in real-time to chat and engage directly that your business is at your fingertips. Your team can see and discuss with them on your site. You can create internal notes for later reference.

5. GetResponse

GetResponse Live Chat Software

Building a presence online with GetResponse implies you are using trusted marketing software. It provides a live chat solution to connect easier and faster with the audience. You can include a live chat tool as it is free. Send personalized emails and boost sales. Your target audience will come around looking for you as you deliver real-time support.

6. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat Live Chat Software

Zendesk is a stunning live chat tool for companies that improves customer experience and reduces inquiries coming in high volume. Zendesk chat is easy to communicate with customers as the interface is sleek and flexible. It provides in-depth information on visitor behavior that you can communicate easily as a Customer service agent.

7. Freshchat

Freshchat Live Chat Software

Freshchat from Freshworks is a live chat tool focusing on customer service engagement. It has robust features such as live translation, chatbots, team inbox, custom reports, and a real-time dashboard. It ensures business growth as you can connect in real time with your customers. Freshchat has features to take agent productivity, messaging, managing conversation, and next-level insights.

8. Live Agent

Live Agent Live Chat Software

A live Agent is a good option for reliable and quick live chat software. It offers excellent customer service and makes a business profitable. You can stay more productive by offering good customer support. Gamification is a feature to enjoy rewards for hard work. It is to gain points and earn badges.

9. Tawk. to

Tawk to Live Chat Software

Tawk. to is a great free live chat option providing the right features to support business growth. Tawk. to provides the ability to initiate a conversation which is ideal to decrease wait times and increase conversions. The chat widget of Tawk.to is customizable as it appears on the site. It has a message preview, notifications for sound, and wait-for-time estimation sent to you.

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10. Pure Chat

Pure Chat Live Chat Software

Pure Chat offers real-time customer support and allows building meaningful relationships with your customers. Pure Chat allows customizing chat experience. Adding custom fields, and widgets, make the conversations easier for everyone. It is a powerful engagement platform facilitating reaching out to customers directly.

11. LiveHelpNow 

LiveHelpNow Live Chat Software

LiveHelpNow is the best software for tracking customer satisfaction. You can receive feedback and develop strong relationships with customers. LiveHelpNow provides comprehensive reporting that it improves through live chat sessions. They provide features to improve Customer service agents using AI and determine if the chat words are negative or positive.

12. Olark

Olark Live Chat Software

Olark live chat software increases conversions as it offers the ability to handle efficiently multiple chats. Olark features functional or easy features to get higher sales and more leads. With Olark you can monitor customer satisfaction and chat volume. You can also check agent activity to have an informed decision.

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