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The Reasons Why I Choose Flixier To Cut My Videos Online

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With so many video editing tools available these days, it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs. For years, I used to resort to traditional, offline video editing tools whenever I had to cut or shorten videos.

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These tools were always cumbersome to download and install and most of the time they did a lot more than what I actually needed. I would have to look up tutorials online just to figure out how to navigate the bloated interface in order to cut a video and then when I’d finally manage to do it, something would go wrong because I didn’t choose the right export settings.

Cutting videos was always a painful task, which is why I gave up on traditional video editing software and switched to the Flixier video cutter. This online tool fixes all of the problems that I used to have with video editors and offers a number of very significant improvements which I will talk about below:

It works entirely online

That’s right! Flixier is an online video cutter, which means it runs entirely in a browser. I’m often on the go and I happen to edit videos both as a hobby, and for work. Thanks to Flixier, I don’t have to worry about installing editing software on my work laptop. I can just open the video editor up in my web browser and get the job done. The app doesn’t require an account, but if you create one, you can even save your projects in the cloud and continue working on them from any computer, which can be a huge time saver if you’re anything like me and have to switch between machines a lot.

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It’s compatible with all the popular video formats

It’s compatible with all the popular video formats

I don’t need to worry about what format a video might be in when using Flixier. The tool is compatible with all the popular video, image and audio formats.

It automatically converts any video you upload to it to MP4 to ensure compatibility further down the line, which is great when I’m trying to cut or shorten videos from the web quickly and then share them online, since I know that once I download my video from Flixier, it will be compatible with any platform I might have to upload it to.

It’s intuitive

The main reason I ended up using Flixier whenever I had to cut videos was the sense of use and reliability of this online video editor. Flixier’s interface is immediately familiar to anyone who used a video editor before, but it’s great for complete beginners as well! Most things are done via dragging and dropping. Every option and button is clearly labeled and exactly where you’d expect it to be, so you can find it easily without having to watch hour-long tutorials.

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It offers one of the fastest, smoothest editing experiences

Last but not least, the main thing that sets Flixier apart from its competitors is the speed. This editor uses cloud powered technology to render any video you throw at it in a couple of minutes. It’s all done on cloud servers, so your computer specifications don’t matter. Flixier always runs fast, whether it’s on my powerful desktop system at home, or my work laptop, which is something I can’t really say about any offline video editor I’ve tried before.

For me, the ability to quickly open a video editor in my browser, upload some clips, cut them together and then have the final video rendered and saved to my hard drive in just a couple of minutes is priceless. If this sounds like something that would be useful to you, feel free to try it out for yourself. Flixier is free to try and doesn’t even require an account. Just go to their website, click on Get Started and start cutting your videos!

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