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Home Resource The Reason Why 3D Channel Letters Are So Unique And Stylish

The Reason Why 3D Channel Letters Are So Unique And Stylish

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You may be wondering why you should be choosing 3D Channel Letters for your business? Well 3D Channel Letter signage has increased in popularity for a number of businesses over the years for a very good reason. These signs are attractive, stylish and unique and you cannot miss them regardless of the time of day or night. The Channel Letters are also providing a way to become more creative in association to the design and they are also dramatically efficient. This type of signage is regarded as a more eco-friendly approach compared to other types of signage



What You Need To Know About 3D Channel Letters

The Channel Letters are constructed out of high-quality aluminum, which means your signs will not rust or warp. They also come in a variety of sizes offering you with more choices. Each of the letter faces are made up mainly of acrylic, or you have the choice on an open-face style. These 3D Channel Letters use LEDs for illumination. The traditional Channel Letter signs once used neon tubing that contained mercury which is harmful on our surrounding environment.

3D Channel Letters


The choice in LEDs offers a far more efficient option in comparison to neon and they are also free from any harmful substances. LEDs also allow for your signs to be more visible in the day time as well impossible not to see at night. Another stylish option with the 3D Channel Letters is that you can choose any color that you like, even black. In addition to your letters, you can also choose customized shapes that can be incorporated into business designs and logos that already exist. This ensures that every sign is 100% unique and customized to your business.

There are also various options available on how to mount the 3D Channel Letter Signs. One of the options includes mounting the sign onto a metal-panel which gives it space from an exterior wall. Another option includes mounting each individual letter directly to your walls. You can even choose the option of LED strip lighting which can modify and accent existing Channel Letter signage. This will offer your signs with a highly unique appeal, which can really enhance the overall design.


Here are a few options available for the 3D Channel Letter Signs:

1. Halo Lit 3D Channel Letters

The Halo lit 3D Channel Letters have a light directly behind them. This backlight is designed to provide back illumination to the sign which creates a cool “Halo” effect around each letter. The face of the letters are sealed with aluminum and in most cases painted in a darker color. The dark letters are what create a contrast that is required to achieve the full “halo” effect.

2. Open Faced 3D Channel Letters

Open Faced 3D Channel Letters

The Open-Faced Channel letters do not feature any acrylic which is usually attached on the front side of the letters. This means that that the LEDs are exposed, which increases the illumination. This option necessitates the LEDs which are able to withstand outdoor elements such as sun, rain and wind. The LEDs are usually sealed with a silicone, weather-proof adhesive to protect the LEDs.


Back Or Front Lit 3D Channel Letters

The back and front lit Channel Letters offers a combination of a “halo” effect and an illuminated acrylic-face. This creates a way for these signs to offer illuminated faces and “halo” illumination. The back part of the letters are exposed, which is what creates the “halo” effects.

5 Stand Out Benefits Of The 3D Halo Lit Channel Letters

Every business needs unique and stylish signs in order to attract attention and more customers. They also serve as the magnet for any of your services or products. There are so many different options in association to signage, which is why it is helpful to establish what type matches up to your specific needs. Many businesses can benefit from the Halo Lit Channel Letter signs from atlanticsigncompany and here are some of the important reasons why.


1. Distinctive

The Halo Lit Channel Letters are very distinctive types of letters. They also go by the name of Reverse Lit. The face of each letter do not light up during the night. Instead, lighting directly behind each letter reflects back to achieve a “halo” effect. The halo letters come to life when it gets dark, giving off a stunning and stylish iridescent glow.

2. 3D Effects

If you are looking for a distinctive way to attract more attention, you should definitely  consider 3 dimensional signs. With the back-lit channel letters this greatly enhances 3D effects of each letter. You are offered with the advantage of the Channel Letters that offers depth in association to the overall appearance of your sign. The halo effects enhances each letter making them stand-out from their background. This type of sign can offer an impressive way to attract more attention to your business.

3. Long Distance Viewing

Halo Lit Channel Letters

If people are searching for a business after hours, the signs needs to be visible and distinguished. The Halo Lit Channel Letters are visible from a far distance, which offers you with a stand out advantage to ensure your business is noticed and stands out from other distractions.


4. Versatility

When you choose Halo Lit Channel Signs for your business, there are a number of options to think about. For example, there is choice between LED or neon lighting. You can also combine a number of effects into the sign which will arrive at a highly attractive and unique appearance.

5. Special Effects

When you choose a professional company that specializes in Channel Letters to create Halo Signs, you can benefit from dramatic and stylish special effects. An example of this may be bricks on a Red Brick Pizza sign that look like they are glowing hot when it is dark. This effect is created with the use of back-lit Channel Letters incorporated into the design. This is just 1 of the examples of the different effects your signage company can help you to create.

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