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Lyra Smart Bike With GPS And Integrated Lighting

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Smart gadgets are often seen as devices that have specialized software, can charge via a USB connection, and do a million other things. That’s not so much the case with Lyra smart bike, Mission Bicycle’s newest product.

While the Lyra won’t say what’s next on your schedule or pedal for you, it still qualifies as a “smart” device, thanks to its integrated LED lighting and GPS tracking system. If anything, it looks like a perfectly ordinary bicycle when the lights are switched off.

Lyra Smart GPS

At night, the integrated lighting on the bicycle truly comes into its own by enhancing safety and visibility for the rider. The strategically placed lights within the front fork play a crucial role in illuminating the path ahead, ensuring that the rider can navigate dark roads with confidence while also making their presence known to motorists who share the same route. These front lights not only offer practical illumination but also serve as a proactive safety measure by significantly reducing the risk of accidents in low-light conditions.
In addition to the front lights, the bike boasts an extra layer of safety with the incorporation of red blinking hazard lights positioned below the seat. These hazard lights serve as a prominent visual cue to other road users, signaling the presence of the bicycle from a distance and prompting drivers to exercise caution. By combining both front illumination and rear hazard lights, the integrated lighting system on this bicycle offers a comprehensive safety solution that prioritizes the well-being of the rider and fosters a secure environment for all road users.
Such considerate details inside the design not only effectively increase the capability of the bike but additionally underscore the importance of protection in each issue of biking enjoy.

The light battery, designed for convenient usability, showcases a distinctive pop-out feature along with the provision of a practical micro-USB cable for effortless recharging. According to the company, a single charge of this innovative battery is purported to power it for an impressive span of one month with regular usage. Furthermore, Mission Bicycle has ingeniously embedded a sophisticated arrangement of 100 high-brightness LEDs within the slender forks of the front wheel, operating seamlessly in a pair of distinct modes: the brilliantly illuminating super bright mode and the power-conserving energy saver mode.

Not to be outdone, at the back of the bike, an array of 5 high-brightness LEDs have been seamlessly integrated into the Seatpost, ensuring maximum visibility and safety for the rider.

The Lyra doesn’t come cheap. The bike’s Kickstarter campaign lists a full single-speed model at $999 (roughly P50,000). An eight-speed model goes for up to $1,449 (roughly P75,000).

Mission Bicycle established its reputation as a company by showcasing innovation and success with three other smart bicycles launched via Kickstarter. These cutting-edge models outshine the Lyra by incorporating a plethora of advanced features aimed at enhancing the overall user experience. From state-of-the-art tracking systems to seamless connectivity options, the previous releases from Mission Bicycle have set high industry standards and captivated tech enthusiasts worldwide. Each smart bicycle boasts a unique blend of technology and design, reflecting the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and revolutionizing the cycling experience.

Riders can expect a fusion of functionality and style, encapsulated in the sleek design of these innovative models. Building upon their previous achievements, Mission Bicycle continues to pioneer the smart bicycle market and deliver unparalleled value to consumers seeking to elevate their riding adventures. Through its dedication to excellence and continuous innovation, Mission Bicycle remains at the forefront of the industry, setting the benchmark for future smart bicycle developments and solidifying its position as a trailblazing company in the realm of connected cycling.

The Mission Bicycle’s Lyra, even as now not a motorbike that fits everybody because of its relatively high cost and limited features, may additionally still discover its area of interest among discerning cyclists. Despite its steep price tag and incredibly minimalist layout, potential buyers would possibly start by being interested in exploring different alternatives inside the market. However, it’s worth noting that the idea behind the Lyra model holds merit, especially in a cutting-edge society where a developing variety of people are embracing cycling as a primary means of transportation, especially for their daily commute to and from work.

This shift closer to adopting bicycles as a practical mode of journey has been inspired with the aid of various factors, together with environmental issues, health blessings, and the desire for a more energetic lifestyle. The Lyra’s attraction lies not handiest in its capability but additionally in its ability to cater to the needs of urban riders in search of a dependable and efficient way to navigate city streets.

As such, in spite of its capacity drawbacks, the Lyra represents a forward-thinking approach to urban cycling that aligns with the evolving preferences and lifestyle selections of modern commuters. With its glossy layout and emphasis on practicality, the Lyra stands as a testament to Mission Bicycle’s commitment to innovation and assembly of the changing demands of the cycling community.

Article Originally Published and First Appeared at Inquirer 

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