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Home Resource SEO Practices You Should Never Take for Granted in 2020

SEO Practices You Should Never Take for Granted in 2020

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Google’s algorithm updates; do you tweak your strategies a bit? In the competitive world of digital marketing, it is a must that you keep up with the latest trends. But the most important thing to do is to think about what your target audience needs. After all, your goal or what the search engine wants is to provide the best content for its users and your target audience.



As the New Year draws near, what can you do to start the year right to achieve a better ranking? Aside from utilizing the services of SEO companies in Utah, here are some of the best SEO practices to adopt this 2020:

Offer value instead of numbers

No matter what algorithm Google launches, keep in mind that what search engine wants is to provide the best experience to its users. How do you that? It is by providing your target audience with real value. Aside from trying to match common search inquiries used by search engine users, prioritize what your user needs. What the use of gaining the top one ranking if your users won’t get what they need? Offer value, and you’ll earn your target user’s trust.

Don’t take social listening for granted

Social listening is a strategy used by digital marketers to know what your target audience thinks about your brand, your offers, as well as your competitors and all keywords relevant to your industry. Take note that social listening is different from social media monitoring. The latter is about collecting data that has already happened. As for social listening, it allows you to listen to your customer’s insights. In return, you can use this to your advantage in making the necessary changes and stay relevant and competitive in real-time.


Take advantage of video content

Take advantage of video content

Gone are the days when the pure text was enough to drive traffic to your website. If you want to attract more customers, include crafting video content in your to-do list. Add product videos and showcase your latest products and services. Share only compelling content, and don’t forget to include a strong call-to-action. Encourage followers to share your videos and ask feedback on what they want to do next.

Speed up your website for mobile users

These days, speed matters. If your website has a slow loading speed, you can’t expect users to stay on your website long enough to make conversions. Would you rather wait for a slow-loading website to load if you knew that there are hundreds to thousands of search results waiting to be explored? This is especially true among mobile users. With mobile users being the largest population to use search results, it only pays that you do what it takes to give them the best experience.


Say yes to voice search

Say yes to voice search

These days, smart home devices are taking over the market. This allows them not only to maximize home security and control home functions remotely. Many users also use this to do Internet searches through voice commands. So why not take advantage of this by optimizing content for voice search? Take note that the strategies for voice search and traditional types searches differ. When it comes to voice search, make sure that your content is optimized for mobile and that you use conversational language.

Improving your rank in search engines gives you an edge over your competitors. The higher your ranking, the more traffic you can get and the better your conversions will be. Rank higher in search results, and provide your target audience with the best experience online.

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