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Mobile POS System: How Can You Benefit?

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When it comes to accepting payments from your customers, you need to have convenient options.

MPOS systems are becoming the new norm for many businesses as they offer many conveniences for both the business and the customers alike.

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What is mPOS (mobile point of sale)?

Most business owners are familiar with a point of sale system as a device that accepts credit and debit card payments.

A mobile point of sale system is very similar to a regular point of sale system, with the only difference being that it’s portable. With this type of POS system, you can take payments from anywhere that has internet connectivity.

How Does mPOS Work?

Most mobile POS systems are designed to be run on a smartphone. You’ll simply need to plug in the mobile POS system to one of the ports on your phone, and you’ll be able to swipe credit cards from anywhere that your phone can connect to the internet. A mobile POS system from Grubbrr can reduce wait times, long lines, and offer a customer-first approach to all your transactions.

Benefits of mPOS

These are perfect for businesses where you have a lot of staff members accepting payments away from your main business location.

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The Benefits of mPOS

As you can probably imagine, there are tons of benefits to these mobile systems. Understanding some of these benefits may help you to better decide whether or not these point of sale systems are the right choice for your business.


The most obvious benefit for your business when it comes to using one of these mobile systems is the ease of mobility. You’ll be able to ring up purchases without having to be at your main business location.

No longer will you have to worry about calling in credit cards to get approval, as you can easily swipe anyone’s card with these mPOS systems.

Quicker Checkouts

These systems are super simple to operate and provide a very quick checkout process for the customer. The quicker you’re able to check out a customer, the happier they are with the process.

As you’re capable of quicker checkouts, you can get more customers through your queues. This ensures that your lines always move quickly and your staff members are able to checkout more customers throughout an average day.

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Management of Inventory

Apart from doing the mobile checkout process, these systems also work like inventory management software. They work to track and manage your various inventory levels.

They can even send alerts when stocks are low or automatically order new product to ensure that it’s there before you run out. Your staff members can even look up the stock of certain products on request so they can always give accurate numbers to customers.


Due to the fact that your smartphone or tablet will be the main brains behind the mPOS system, the system itself will be cheaper to purchase. When comparing the cost of traditional POS systems and mobile POS systems, mobile systems are actually cheaper.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to integrate mPOS systems into your business as they can provide many benefits for both you and your customers.

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