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10 Top POS Systems For Your Small Business In 2022

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It has become more than important these days to incorporate a good Point of Sale web-based system in the business. Such systems are required to operate your restaurant or retail business. Your existing POS systems do not provide solutions to your growing business. The right stadium POS systems selected can help automate marketing abilities and sales to run efficiently your business. Remember, the system selected should prove to be worthwhile to fulfill all your business needs.

Top POS Systems

1. Square for Retail:

Square for retail pos systems

Merchants having plans to launch a new store can consider this using this mobile payment processor. Any small business can use this free POS app. It fits perfectly cafes, food trucks, farmer’s markets, boutiques, etc. It also provides more specialized and robust features customized to suit your business.

2. Stripe Payments:

Stripe payments pos systems

It allows for online payments while remaining very customisable and reliable, among other fascinating aspects. It enables for online payments while remaining very configurable and dependable, among other exciting features. Stripe offers chip readers and per-certified cards will have to be purchased.

3. Toast POS:

Toast pos systems

This is a wonderful system for restaurants that assures enhancing customer experience. It offers robust features for employees, inventory, and sales management. It meets the essential requirements of restaurant management like inventory tracking, ordering, payment processing, custom kitchen communication, payroll and staff management, etc.

4. Shopify POS: 

Shopify pos systems

If you plan to change providers or plan to get your first one, then this is the best choice to make. Businesses of all sizes can go through the multiple plans offered. Online retail management and sales, it is considered to be the very best platform. It provides powerful capabilities via employee, customer, inventory, and sales management.

5. ShopKeep:

Shopkeep pos systems

This system is focused on supporting small and medium retail as well as food/beverage businesses. It can be availed without any contract, is effortless to use, and offers exemplary customer support. It offers essential features like back office management to report across products, sales, employees, and customers.

6. Lightspeed POS:

Lightspeed pos systems

This advanced, feature-rich, robust system is meant exclusively for restaurateurs and retailers but is a bit costly. It supports vital business requirements like customer acquisition. Retail offering suits larger and mid-sized retailers and restaurants. These features include purchase order support, inventory management, enhanced customer experience, etc.

7. Epos Now:

Epos now pos systems

This reliable POS system powers hospitality and retail businesses globally. There are separate offerings made to hospitality business operators and retailers. Both offer crucial tools to manage inventory, complete sales, monitor histories of customer purchases, conduct sales management and manage employees. The premium option offers elevated support.

8. PayPal Here:

Paypal here pos systems

This web-based system offers businesses basic sales capabilities such as sales reporting, employee and customer management, and inventory management. It caters to various business operators desiring on-the-go payment processing features, restaurateurs and merchants. A few features support critical tasks such as processing sales, inventory management, reporting, employee management, and customer tracking.

9. QuickBooks POS:

Quickbooks pos systems

This retail management system offers vital features desired by merchants to automate several core operations. It also enables businesses to be handled more efficiently. It offers a seamless interaction with the flagship account software. It includes facilities for checkout and registration, customer/inventory management, and payment processing.

10. Clover POS:

Clover pos systems

Midsize and small restaurants can use it to manage payments and other vital tasks. It also caters to the needs of full-service restaurants, food trucks, and cafes. This tool can be used to place as well as monitor orders, customize workflows between bar, kitchen, and floor staff, and process payments.

The above are the top POS Systems that you may consider for your business. The right selection is sure to help increase your business efficiency.

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