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Friday, May 29, 2020
Home Resource Making Use of Google’s Responsive Search Ads

Making Use of Google’s Responsive Search Ads

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Responsive Search Ads are a new release from Google. This is one of the town’s most flexible search ads. They are extremely different from traditional advertisements. In any traditional ad, you would end up have a single heading and a single description. However, with responsive search ads, you can write 15 headings and 4 different descriptions. On the whole, you have 63,000 or more combinations to make. This means you can customize your ads endlessly. This strategy works well for brands that have multiple products and services for customers. They are no longer expected to leave out information from their headings and descriptions.



Work is done by Google 


Much of the world behind google responsive search ads are done by the company’s sophisticated algorithms. This means Google takes the trouble of finding the best ads for your business. It goes through thousands of combinations to find that perfect ad. The responsible search ads are decided based on the client’s previous search history, and present needs.

How to make use of responsive search ads?

responsive search ads


To make the most from this feature, you should pull together the right headings and descriptions. Here are a few points to help you.

  • First things first, you should be extremely creative with the ad. Ensure that the responsive Ad has a call to action tone! Always remember that call to action is important if you want potential customers to view your website.
  • Keywords need to be inserted in the headlines dynamically. The top keywords should be filtered and used in the majority of the headlines. Of course, not all of your headlines should have the same keywords. It is strongly recommended that you avoid using keywords in a few headlines. This way your ads will not seem repetitive. And, searchers will find your marketing strategy creative and less boring.
  • Meanwhile, keep an eye on how long the headlines and descriptions are. Sometimes you should decide on varying lengths. The number of words and characters in each headline/description must be different. Don’t try to reach the maximum character count all the time. There are perks in creating smaller, and catchier headlines.
  • Last but certainly not least, you should spread a unique message through each description. Potential customers often find this interesting. Repetitive language can shun customers away. So, be cautious of how and what you write in your responsive search ads.
  • You can pin responsive ads. If you want a headline to appear all the time, ensure that it is pinned.


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