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How to Create a Security Culture in Your Organization

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Although advanced technology is considered to be a blessing, it is also a nightmare for almost all corporate organizations. The reason is that security is crucial and needs to be incorporated into every aspect of your organization. This is irrespective of the geographical location, the volume of business, and industry. The web is full of news on data breach day in and out. This shows how vulnerable modern digital technology is. Every organization needs to protect its precious data that can otherwise be stolen by the wrong people. Hence, you need to know what is security culture and how to implement it the right way in your organization.

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How to create a security culture

It is necessary to feed and take care of your company’s security culture. You cannot expect it to grow positive organically. Rather, you need to make some crucial investments to witness enhanced security culture. When compared to a single event, sustainable culture is much bigger.

What is security culture – Features

There are generally four defining features in any sustainable security culture.

  • The first is disruptive and deliberate. Its primary objective is to enhance security and foster positive change within the workplace. Hence for your organization, it needs to be deliberate as well as disruptive with some actions to promote change.
  • Secondly, it can be fun and engaging. A good security culture is one that will compel your employees to participate wholeheartedly.
  • Thirdly, it can be rewarding. Those interested to invest their precious energy and time will like to get something in return.
  • Fourth, it offers better ROI. It also helps reduce vulnerabilities.

Knowing how to create a security culture enables better day-to-day procedure interaction. It also influences actions taking place in your organization. It can be solutions, services or products.

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How to create a security culture – Know the steps

How to create a security culture Security Culture in Your Organization

  • Place more emphasis on awareness: Your team requires a better understanding of workplace security. Your awareness efforts should involve some creativity. Application security knowledge will also be essential. Use teachable moments to develop a security culture. Doing correctly will allow your team to get better. Accountability comes only after awareness.
  • Instill security concept in everyone concerned: Organizational security is not the sole responsibility of the security department. Rather, everyone directly and indirectly related to your organization should adopt and promote sustainable security culture. Security should rather be incorporated at the highest levels including your company’s mission and vision.
  • Reward people for promoting organizational security: If an employee successfully undergoes a compulsory security awareness program then recognize and reward him/her. Rewards can be in cash or kind, which is sure to boost your employees’ morale and motivate them to do much better. You can also offer your team members opportunities to promote security advancements.
  • Adopt SDL (Secure Development Lifecycle): This can help boost sustainable security culture. This process is generally conducted on every system/software release and includes security testing, threat modeling and security requirements. How to create a security culture is better answered by SDL.
  • Engaging and fun-filled: Security generally is associated with boring training or participants not allowed to say something. To boost sustainable culture, all process parts should be made engaging and fun-filled. Events should be held to engage your community.

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  • Develop security community: For sustainable security culture, it is regarded to be the main backbone. With a strong community, better connections can be had among all your employees across all hierarchy levels. The security community helps everyone to unite against some common problem.

If you want to know what is security culture and how to create a strong one, you need to undertake thorough research. It is only with a thorough understanding that you will be able to promote better security culture in your organization.

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